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button birthday – Preveal/SEO/AMSW

HEADS UP: Paperie’s Birthday is a crazy time of year and our inboxes overfloweth. Please follow us on Facebook for frequent announcements!

Happy 4th birthday to Paperie Boutique!
Visit PaperieBirthday.com for all events!

Paperie Boutique fourth birthday
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Paperie Boutique fourth birthday

Welcome to Paperie Boutique’s FOURTH BIRTHDAY celebration – sponsored by HB Photo Packaging, Kelly Moore Bag, Animoto, Click Magazine, Sassy Designs Inc., Artsy Couture, Prairie Sweet Boutique, Black River Imaging, Clickin Moms, Simply Color / Simply Canvas, Kraft and Jute, Modern Album Designs, Full Color Lab, CPQ Professional Photo Lab, Photographer Cafe, Nations Photo Lab, Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions and Textures, Hardwood Frames, and Birdesign. The party runs from July 19th – July ??.

During the celebration our U.S. readers can win thousands of dollars in prizes and merchandise directly from our incredible sponsors and vendors! Our family of merchants will also provide several discount codes and promotions for our audience that will be posted at PaperieBirthday.com throughout the week-long event. All of these giveaways and special offers will be posted multiple times each day during the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. EDT – so you’ll want to check back, and check back often! Thanks for four great years and Happy Birthday Paperie!

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One week and counting and the birthday party is still in full swing! In case you missed the announcement, we’ve received so many prize donations that we’re keeping this thing going ’til the very last giveaway has been awarded – so check back today and all weekend long for more giveaways, pop-quiz instant winners, and flash giveaways on Facebook!

Right now we have an amazing prize pack combo from Prevealthe iPad Sales Tool for Photographers, The Search Engine Cookbook for Photographers by Zach Prez, and a “Full Demo Pack” from “The Shop” at AMSW Photography. This is a prize package worth over $230.00!


From The Business of Awesomebusinessofawesome.com:

Preveal brings the power of showing your clients their images on their walls to your iPad. With easy step-by-step instructions, your clients gather photographs of the places in their home that they would like wall art (or you go to their home and take the photos for them), and you can then show your clients exactly how the photographs will look in their home. You can show them a variety of wall gallery collections as well as showing them how single large outwork pieces will look. Ever had that client that wondered if an 8×10 print would look great over their fireplace? Now you can show them that it is too small, and what size will be more appropriate.

To go along with Preveal, make sure you get a copy of Design Aglow’s free guide for clients to photograph their home for the wall displays. The educational guide ‘teaches your clients how to take a well composed, properly scaled image of their home’s future wall gallery location‘.”

SEO Cookbook

The Search Engine Cookbook for Photographers
Easy Recipes to Rank Higher” by Zach Prez will help you:

         •  Get more clients
         •  Attract the right clients
         •  Charge the fees you deserve
         •  Scale back paid marketing activities
         •  Look like you’re the best in your area
         •  Build a client base that can generate referral business

“My process for teaching is very much like a chef sharing a recipe. I simple tell you what you need and how to put it all together. So I came up with a cookbook model with tools, ingredients, and recipes to rank you well. You’re going to love it!” –Zach Prez

WOW! This is THE guide to understanding and implementing SEO. My favorite part are the recipes provided. 115 pages of holding my hand and literally spoon-feeding me the information. It was refreshing to be able to sit and learn without having to supplement with other sources. I strongly recommend this for business owners that are lacking on the SEO and web presence. After this book SEO will be a cakewalk!” -Rachel Brenke, The Law Tog

amsw demo pack

“The Shop” at AMSW Photography‘s “Full Demo Pack” includes:

1.  Cloud Overlay in “Puffy Heart”
2.  Color Texture in “Yellow and Orange”
3.  Lightroom Presets 4 & 5 in “Dark Pastels Sampler”
4.  Digital Backdrop in “Grass Field”
5.  Light Effects Overlay in “Directional Light Can”
     -and- Light Effects Overlay in “Underwater Bokeh 2”


How do you win this bundle? It’s easy!

U.S. RESIDENTS: All you have to do is post in the comments here and tell us why you want to win this gift pack. For one chance to win, that’s all there is to it!

For up to two more BONUS chances to win: Go to your Facebook and / or Twitter accounts and post the following (then tell us where you did):

I want to win a photographer’s prize pack from @Preveal / @ZachPrez SEO / @AMSWPhotography at @PaperieBoutique / PaperieBirthday.com!

You can also follow Paperie Boutique on Facebook, and Preveal on Facebook, and Photography Spark on Facebook, and AMSW Photography on Facebook (or state that you follow each of these already in up to four separate comments here) – giving you up to four more chances to win.

Each entry requires its own separate comment here. (In simple terms: If you want SEVEN chances to win, you have to do all seven things listed above, and then make seven separate comments here telling us how you did them.) You create as many (up to 7 comments) or as few chances to win as you prefer.

Comment that you have posted to your Twitter or Facebook account(s) – with a link to where you did it – in separate comments here to have multiple chances to win!

ATTENTION: All links you post must direct to public-access accounts. We cannot verify links on private, friends & family only, or passworded accounts and they will not be eligible to win this item. If we have to subscribe to your feed, a website, or forum – or request permission to see them – your entry will automatically be disqualified.

Comment(s) must be posted here by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, July 30th. You can enter up to seven times total. Post that you have met each of the requirements in separate comments to have multiple chances to win!

You can enter / post up to seven times total – one entry each for both the options listed above. (PLEASE NOTE: Comments are held for moderation and may not appear immediately. Please be patient! They will show up eventually.)

You have seven chances to win, but only one chance PER OPTION – please do not post the same link multiple times. Duplicate links will be removed. Each entry requires its own separate comment to have multiple chances to win!

Comments on this entry will be numbered in order of posting. The winning number will be chosen by Random.org, and the winner will be contacted within 48-72 hours of the winner-announcement to claim their prize. See official rules for more details.

HUGE thanks to Preveal, The SEO Cookbook, and AMSW Photography for this fantastic photographer’s prize pack! Good luck to everyone who enters!

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Don’t forget to visit PaperieBirthday.com and see what you missed!

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Free Moo Business Cards
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The birthday party is now in full-swing and runs for over a week from July 19th – July ??th!

More giveaways on the way! Until then…have a great weekend!
Robyn & Todd

P.S. If you’re a vendor who would like to sponsor the event, donate a prize,
        and / or provide a discount code for our readers please contact Todd:
        todd AT paperieboutique DOT com – we’d love to have you join us!

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button lundi maniaque – giveaway 30

Happy 2nd birthday to Paperie Boutique!
Visit PaperieBirthday.com for all events!
paperie 2nd birthday
Winner announcements started Monday, July 25th…

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COMMENTS CLOSED on this entry—winner chosen!

Don’t forget we have 7 other giveaways going on right now!

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We have another pop-quiz – this time from Collages.net. The winner will receive $50 off collagesGSO (Google Optimization Services).

Collages dot Net Google GSO discount coupon
Collages dot net GSO giveaway

In today’s highly competitive Web environment, the importance of search engines cannot be underestimated. Did you know that search engines drive over 70% of all Internet traffic? Consequently, if your website is not listed on page one of a search, then chances are you’re not in “today’s phone book!” Your absence gives competitors a chance to gain more exposure, book more shoots, and become more successful.

Don’t let that happen. By implementing collagesGSO, you’re guaranteed to land on page one of a Google search for your targeted keywords. collagesGSO is designed exclusively to help professional photographers connect with their customers. [ read more ]

I’m going to make this pop-quiz easy. One question. One answer. First to post correctly is the winner! Ready? Set? Google!

No need to repost the question – just type the answer here:

What Weezer album is “The Good Life” the sixth track on?


Good luck!

Thanks to Collages.net for being such a great friend to Paperie! Don’t forget to check the Paperie birthday celebration coupon codes. You can find coupon codes for several other vendors here!

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Believe it or not, we still have more giveaways left! We’ll keep
going ’til all of the giveaways have winners – see ya’ soon!

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button gimme an S! an E! an O!

The digital edition of the September 2010 Professional Photographer Magazine was released today.

(P.S. Keep reading for a special giveaway from photographers-seo.com!)

Professional Photographer Magazine September 2010 cover

For this month’s article, I reviewed several digital media storage products by BellaGrafica (“Jeff & Julia Woods General Collection“), DNL Photo Packaging, JLee Albums, Loktah, Miller’s Professional Imaging and The Designer Concept, MpixPro, Pexagon Tech, Rice Studio Supply, and Verbatim.

The Goods Column September 2010 Professional Photographer Magazine

The Goods Column September 2010 Professional Photographer Magazine

Click each of the magazine pages above for a larger view. You can find the article on page 48 and page 50 of the print-version when it hits mailboxes. And you can also download the digital edition now if you’re a PPA member or digital subscriber.

Workflow Polish September 2010 Professional Photographer Magazine

And last month Heather Lickliter of Stylized Portraiture helped me write the August “The Goods” column. This month she’s escaped over to the new “Workflow Polish” column where she shares her post-session workflow, with added comments / critique by Audrey Woulard. Congratulations Heather!

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Today’s guest / vendor post is by Zach Prez. He has freebies and a prize for Paperie readers!

Hi, I’m Zach Prez. I specialize in search engine optimization for photographers, although I’ve been helping small businesses rank in Google for about 10 years. There’s no better feeling than helping someone become successful on the web and grow his or her business. Okay, maybe there are a few things better, like cycling on the American River Bike trail near Sacramento, CA.

Photographer SEO Book I wrote Photographers SEO Book almost 2 years ago now. What started as some informal phone conversations with my photographer friend quickly expanded into ninja tactics that boomed her business from Google in a matter of weeks. Everyone wanted to know her secret, so I turned those conversations into a non-technical how to guide that any level of photographer can follow. It has since helped hundreds of people understand and improve in search results.

Blog SEO Zen Earlier this year I released Photography Blog SEO Zen. It’s an ebook for photographers, designers, or wedding vendors on how to update your blog infrastructure and write blog posts to rank more easily. Blogs typically output many more pages than a traditional website, meaning more chances to rank in search. Blogs are especially helpful in ranking very specific phrases (long-tail SEO) so I would hope you see about 3x the traffic from your blog compared to your photography website. My blogs and ebook help you get there.

Photographers SEO eClass I’m giving away one of each product above for Paperie Boutique readers. Enter to win by commenting on any blog post on either of my websites – photographers-seo.comORphotoblogseo.com – by the end of the day on Saturday. (We’ll notify and announce the winners on Monday.) You’ll learn something new and hopefully share your thoughts about the post, what you learned, or something insightful.

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If you want something FREE right now, check out my Search Engine Optimization Guide for SmugMug SitesOREmail SEO Class for Photographers.

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UPDATE: The winners have both been announced here – check them out!

Thanks Zach for sharing such valuable information with our readers!

And don’t forget we currently have two giveaway-contests going on here at Paperie. Through midnight Wednesday you can have a chance to win your choice of camera bags from Jo Totes. And through midnight Thursday you have the chance to win a $50 gift certificate from Denny Manufacturing.

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