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button birthday – color me happy

HEADS UP:  Paperie’s Birthday is a crazy time of year and our inboxes 
overfloweth. Please follow us on Facebook for frequent announcements!

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Paperie Boutique fourth birthday
Happy 4th birthday to Paperie Boutique!
Visit PaperieBirthday.com for all events!

Welcome to Paperie Boutique’s FOURTH BIRTHDAY Celebration Round II – sponsored by HB Photo Packaging, Kelly Moore Bag, Animoto, Click Magazine, Sassy Designs Inc., Artsy Couture, Prairie Sweet Boutique, Black River Imaging, Clickin Moms, Simply Color / Simply Canvas, Kraft and Jute, Modern Album Designs, Full Color Lab, CPQ Professional Photo Lab, Photographer Cafe, Nations Photo Lab, Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions and Textures, Hardwood Frames, and Birdesign. We had so many gifts donated from our vendors to our readers this year that we unexpectedly had to split the event into two partsRound II will run until all prizes have been awarded!

Our U.S. readers can win thousands of dollars in prizes and merchandise directly from our incredible sponsors and vendors! Our family of merchants also provided several discount codes and promotions for our audience. All of these giveaways and special offers will be posted multiple times each day during the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. EDT – so you’ll want to check back, and check back often! Thanks for four great years and Happy Birthday Paperie!

P.S. We’ll also do flash giveaways on our Facebook page – “Like” us there!

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Ready to start “Giveaways – Round II“? Color Inc Pro Lab is back with an awesome Gallery Wrap Canvas Package (1 – 16×24 and 4 – 8×10 canvases)!

In case you missed the announcements, we’ve received so many prize donations that we’re keeping this thing going ’til the very last giveaway has been awarded – so check back often for more giveaways, pop-quiz prizes, and Facebook flash giveaways! Plus you DON’T want to miss the “grand finale“!

Color Inc Pro Lab Gallery Wrap Set Giveaway

Gallery Wrapped Canvases by Color Inc Pro Lab are the perfect way to present your works of art. Each canvas is hand wrapped around your choice of 1½” or 2½” frame with the finest attention to detail.

Each piece is then properly finished with a FREE Gator Tooth Hanger and bumpers. In addition, you can also choose to upgrade to Wire Hardware or cover the back side of your Gallery Wrapped Canvas with Tyvek® and Wire Hardware (for an additional fee).

          Gallery Wrap Canvas Package prize value is $340.00!

How do you win this great prize? It’s easy!


U.S. RESIDENTS: All you have to do is post in the comments here and tell us:

EITHER– how long you’ve been reading Paperie Boutique –OR– what your favorite Color Inc Pro Lab product is! That’s all there is to it!

For BONUS chances to win: Go to your Facebook and / or Twitter accounts and post the following (then tell us where you did):

Win ColorIncProLab.com / @ColorInc Gallery Wrap Canvas Package from @PaperieBoutique / PaperieBoutique.com — PaperieBirthday.com!

You can also follow Color Inc on Facebook and / or Paperie Boutique on Facebook (or state that you follow one – or both – already in separate comments here).

Each entry requires its own separate comment here. (In simple terms: If you want FIVE chances to win, you have to do all five things listed above, and then make five separate comments here telling us how you did them.)

Comment that you have posted to your Twitter or Facebook account(s) – with a link to where you did it – in separate comments here to have multiple chances to win!

ATTENTION: All links you post must direct to public-access accounts. We cannot verify links on private, friends & family only, or passworded accounts and they will not be eligible to win this item. If we have to subscribe to your feed, a website, or forum – or request permission to see them – your entry will automatically be disqualified.

Comment(s) must be posted here by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, August 13th. You can enter up to five times total. Post that you have met each of the requirements in separate comments to have multiple chances to win!

You can enter / post up to five times total – one entry each for both the options listed above. (PLEASE NOTE: Comments are held for moderation and may not appear immediately. Please be patient! They will show up eventually.)

You have five chances to win, but only one chance PER OPTION – please do not post the same link multiple times. Duplicate links will be removed. Each entry requires its own separate comment to have multiple chances to win!

Comments on this entry will be numbered in order of posting. The winning number will be chosen by Random.org, and the winner will be contacted within 48-72 hours of the winner-announcement to claim their prize. See official rules for more details.

Huge thanks to Color Inc Pro Lab for such an amazing prize – visit them on Facebook and Twitter! Good luck!

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Paperie Boutique fourth birthday

A birthday party so nice – we’re having it twice! Who’s ready to start winning stuff again!?! Watch this space because new giveaways are now underway and we’ll also announce more prize winners from the first seventeen giveaways!

See you again real soon!
Robyn & Todd

P.S. If you’re a vendor who would like to sponsor the event, donate a prize,
        and / or provide a discount code for our readers please contact Todd:
        todd AT paperieboutique DOT com – we’d love to have you join us!

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Don’t forget to visit PaperieBirthday.com and see what you missed!

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Free Moo Business Cards

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button 1000 words in HD

We are beyond excited to welcome our newest sponsor at Paperie Boutique – Animoto! Please enjoy their first guest / vendor post here at Paperie, and read on for an “Exclusive Animoto Pro Offer” that’s good through July 8th!

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Animoto helps you produce the most beautiful video slideshows on Earth. Make videos from your photos and video clips in just a few clicks with Animoto Pro. Works with your workflow. Wows your clients.

animoto pro for photographers

Selling one of these videos pays for my year at Animoto. And I sell a lot more than one a year.” –Vanessa Joy, wedding photographer

I kick off every proofing session with an Animoto video. It gets customers excited about purchasing their photos.” – Sandy Puc, portrait photographer

See how professional photographers use Animoto Pro with their business here!

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Visit the Animoto website to watch this stunning video sample:

animoto for photographers
(Play the video shown above at this link.)

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animoto for photographers

And don’t forget to follow Animoto on social media and their blog!

Animoto on Facebook:

Animoto on Twitter:

Animoto on YouTube:

Animoto on Pinterest:

You can also find Animoto in the App Store and on Google Play:

animoto app store google play

Please give Animoto a warm Paperie welcome and visit their website for more information about the “Exclusive Animoto Pro Offer“, good through July 8th!

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We are gearing up for our 4th annual birthday party in mid-July and we’d love to have you be a part of it all!
paperie 4th birthday

Last year our vendors provided Paperie readers with over $16,000 in prizes in just ONE WEEK – and our site received over 4.7 million hits during the celebration!

Some of the vendors who participated include MOO.COM, WHCC, Artsy Couture, Kelly Moore Bags, Clickin’ Moms / Click Magazine, Color Inc. Pro Lab, Black River Imaging, Epiphanie Bags, Rice Studio Supply, JoTotes, Sarah Petty’s The Joy of Marketing, ProDPI, drop it MODERN, Miller’s Lab, and MORE!

If that’s not enough to convince you, then just read on…

Your giveaway was a great success and drove lots of traffic for us!” -Nathiya, emerabags.com

Hasn’t even been up for 15 minutes and we already have 25 new fans on our Facebook! Wow that was quick.” -Ryan, h-bphoto.com

I’ve received triple the amount of traffic from your site than any other site I’m advertising on! I’m so pleased with choosing to advertise with you!” -Kathy, boudoirbusinessboutique.com

Anybody wanting to advertise really should. I love browsing your ads to find new vendors and resources.” –Kim, momtriedit.net

I can’t tell you how many people we have advertised with that pretty much ignore our requests (or so we feel). We will be staying with you as long as we are still in business!” -Lori, prairiesweet.com

Contact Todd if you are interested in a custom advertising plan or a Paperie sponsorship and / or wish to sponsor a prize giveaway in this year’s birthday event.

Or you can choose from one of our standard advertising plans and pay instantly here.

Once payment has been made, write Todd Pollman contact and include a copy of your receipt and attach an image for the ad-size purchased.

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Can you believe it’s JULY already?!? Only 175 shopping days ’til Christmas!
Robyn & Todd

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button my assistant can answer that

So excited for yet another guest / vendor post from Design Aglow to promote their new Studio Email Assistant.

email templates blog

click image above to view a larger version

Struggling for the right words when writing to everyone, from future brides to disgruntled clients, vivacious vendors and hopeful assistants? Design Aglow has partnered with professional photographer and wordsmith extraordinaire Heather Rivlin to create this extensive collection of 20 professionally crafted letters to deliver the perfect prose for any situation while establishing your studio’s solid business policies. Whether you draw from this complete catalog of correspondence for emails, phone scripts or mailed content, you’re sure to appreciate these time savers while your clients and contacts appreciate your customer service and attention.

1. Email response to price shoppers. This welcome email aids you with responding to price shoppers/hagglers and provides a strong education in the value of wedding/portrait photography.

2. Style and Session. This email explains the photographer’s shooting style, the session, the ordering process and payment.

3. Pre-session email. This email sets the rules for the shoot and reminds customers via key bullet points what’s included in the session fee.

4. Second Photo Shoot Rescheduling. This email sets forth studio policy regarding rescheduling for a second time.

5. Second Order Appointment Rescheduling. This email sets forth studio policy when rescheduling for a second time.

6. Photographer as client. This email shares how to approach a local photographer who wants a shoot with you.

7. Addressing post session digital files and sticker shock. This email shares how to handle a miscommunication regarding digital file inclusion, or when a client experiences cost concerns after the session.

8. Economic concerns post session. This email covers how to address reticence in ordering after a session when a client asks to postpone ordering.

9. Unauthorized internet use of an image. This email addresses how to approach a client who has scanned/copied your images to or from the internet without permission.

10. Mentor request. This email shares how to address a request from a local photographer wishes to be mentored by you or wants to assist you

11. Client order session preparation. This email prepares clients for the upcoming order session.

12. Client session clothing choices. This email outlines practical suggestions regarding clothing choices for the upcoming photography session.

13. Difficult client returns. This email shares how to respectfully handle a difficult former client who wishes to hire you again.

14. Vendor barter request. This email addresses a vendor who has requested a free shoot in return for future referrals/word-of-mouth in lieu of payment.

15. Money past due. This registered letter shares correspondence for money owed on a session or order when the client is unresponsive.

16. Creating potential bride interest. This email illustrates how to respond to potential brides in order to compel them to continue the conversation.

17. Pleasing anxious clients. This email outlines how to reassure excited clients whose continued queries regarding the status of their order are drawing your attention away from processing orders and handling other business in your studio.

18. Session Follow-up Email. This email shares gratitude to a client for a wonderful session and shares an incentive program for referrals.

19. Client Questionnaire. This email shares a sample questionnaire to send to clients to get to know them and their needs before the session begins.

20. Client Reshoot Request. This email shows what to say when a client requests a reshoot for reasons that are not due to studio negligence (clothing choice, hair not brushed, child not cooperating, etc.).

Click here to check it out in the shop.

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If you missed it on Flickr and Facebook, Todd and I made a brief pop-in at Imaging USA 2011 in San Antonio, TX. We only had two hours so I didn’t get to do as many meetings as I’d hoped (or take photos other than the one you see here of me with my products at the Moo booth):

IUSA 2011

But what little time we did have there was a blast, and it was extremely cool getting to meet so many of my favorite vendors (like ProDPI and Moo) – plus photographers – in person. Not to mention to catching up with old friends and making new ones! Hope everyone will plan on being at Imaging USA 2012 in New Orleans!

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P.S. We have a few ongoing contests here, so don’t forget to scroll down to enter!

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