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button birthday – Simply Color / Novak

HEADS UP: Paperie’s Birthday is a crazy time of year and our inboxes overfloweth. Please follow us on Facebook for frequent announcements!

Happy 4th birthday to Paperie Boutique!
Visit PaperieBirthday.com for all events!

Paperie Boutique fourth birthday
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Paperie Boutique fourth birthday

Welcome to Paperie Boutique’s FOURTH BIRTHDAY celebration – sponsored by HB Photo Packaging, Kelly Moore Bag, Animoto, Click Magazine, Sassy Designs Inc., Artsy Couture, Prairie Sweet Boutique, Black River Imaging, Clickin Moms, Simply Color / Simply Canvas, Kraft and Jute, Modern Album Designs, Full Color Lab, CPQ Professional Photo Lab, Photographer Cafe, Nations Photo Lab, Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions and Textures, Hardwood Frames, and Birdesign. The party runs from July 19th – July ??.

During the celebration our U.S. readers can win thousands of dollars in prizes and merchandise directly from our incredible sponsors and vendors! Our family of merchants will also provide several discount codes and promotions for our audience that will be posted at PaperieBirthday.com throughout the week-long event. All of these giveaways and special offers will be posted multiple times each day during the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. EDT – so you’ll want to check back, and check back often! Thanks for four great years and Happy Birthday Paperie!

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TGIF! In case you missed the announcement, we’ve received so many prize donations that we’re keeping this party going ’til the very last one has been awarded – so check back today and all weekend long for more giveaways, pop-quiz instant winners, and flash giveaways on Facebook!

We have another great prize pack from Simply Color Lab and Laura Novak Photography Education – combined value is more than $280.00!

Simply Color wood canvas gift pack

Simply Color Lab is donating a prize-duo worth more than $180.00!

Prize: 16×20″ Gallery Wrap – Get your hands on Simply Color Lab’s best seller! The finest, hand-stretched canvas wrapped around custom frames. The choice that’s always timeless. Available in standard, square & custom sizes.

Prize: 16×20″ Wood Print – Wood prints are perfect for giving images a gorgeous, modern twist. Wood grain finish adds a brilliant touch to enhance depth & color. Available in square, standard & circle sizes.

laura novak class

Laura Novak Photography Education is donating one class to a lucky Paperie reader – learn more in the “Education” section of her website!

It’s time to sharpen your business practices.

After being a wedding photographer for over 10 years, I know what it’s like to grow a wedding photography business from scratch. When I started out in 2003, I was charging $1,200 for a wedding. Now I average over ten times that amount photographing clients with whom I have amazing relationships.


How do you win this bundle? It’s easy!

U.S. RESIDENTS: All you have to do is post in the comments here and tell us what your favorite Simply Color Lab product is! For one chance to win, that’s all there is to it!

For up to two more BONUS chances to win: Go to your Facebook and / or Twitter accounts and post the following (then tell us where you did):

I want @SimplyCanvas / simplycolorlab.com AND lauranovak.com photographer prizes at @PaperieBoutique / PaperieBirthday.com!

You can also follow @PaperieBoutique on Twitter, and Paperie Boutique on Facebook, and Simply Color Lab on Facebook, and Laura Novak on Facebook (or state that you follow each of these already in up to four separate comments here) – giving you up to four more chances to win.

Each entry requires its own separate comment here. (In simple terms: If you want SEVEN chances to win, you have to do all seven things listed above, and then make seven separate comments here telling us how you did them.) You create as many (up to 7 comments) or as few chances to win as you prefer.

Comment that you have posted to your Twitter or Facebook account(s) – with a link to where you did it – in separate comments here to have multiple chances to win!

ATTENTION: All links you post must direct to public-access accounts. We cannot verify links on private, friends & family only, or passworded accounts and they will not be eligible to win this item. If we have to subscribe to your feed, a website, or forum – or request permission to see them – your entry will automatically be disqualified.

Comment(s) must be posted here by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, July 30th. You can enter up to seven times total. Post that you have met each of the requirements in separate comments to have multiple chances to win!

You can enter / post up to seven times total – one entry each for both the options listed above. (PLEASE NOTE: Comments are held for moderation and may not appear immediately. Please be patient! They will show up eventually.)

You have seven chances to win, but only one chance PER OPTION – please do not post the same link multiple times. Duplicate links will be removed. Each entry requires its own separate comment to have multiple chances to win!

Comments on this entry will be numbered in order of posting. The winning number will be chosen by Random.org, and the winner will be contacted within 48-72 hours of the winner-announcement to claim their prize. See official rules for more details.

HUGE thanks to Simply Color Lab and Laura Novak Photography Education for this fantastic photographer’s prize pack! Good luck to everyone who enters!

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Don’t forget to visit PaperieBirthday.com and see what you missed!

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Paperie Boutique Birthday pop quiz one
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Paperie Boutique Birthday pop quiz three
Paperie Boutique Birthday pop quiz four
Paperie Boutique Birthday pop quiz five
Free Moo Business Cards
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The birthday party is now in full-swing and runs for over a week from July 19th – July ??th!

More giveaways coming up Friday (and all weekend log) – see you again soon!
Robyn & Todd

P.S. If you’re a vendor who would like to sponsor the event, donate a prize,
        and / or provide a discount code for our readers please contact Todd:
        todd AT paperieboutique DOT com – we’d love to have you join us!

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button gallery opening

Today we welcome sponsor Design Aglow back for another guest / vendor post. They have a new product with special introductory pricing!

Design Aglow’s new Inspire Guide is here!

design aglow inspire guide portrait

Ever wish you had an interior designer waiting in the wings? Straight from the Design Aglow team comes the answer: couture style, professionally designed wall displays, complete with hand drawn and painted furniture, frames, mats and accessories.

Now you can share these 25 stunning room ideas as representations of wall groupings your studio offers as an added studio design service. Not only can your client collect fine art, you have the power of a full-service design consultant right in your studio at your fingertips! This luscious set includes a cover, along with a customizable price list, welcome page, studio policies, colors and logo; and because our actions are bundled, you can simply place client’s images into the templates, saving you precious time, while making presentations more personal.


With this stunning collection you can put Design Aglow’s attention to detail to work for you.

   •  25 gorgeous, professionally designed wall displays complete with
      hand-drawn and painted furniture, frames, mats, and accessories
   •  Each template is in fully layered Photoshop PSD format for unlimited
      customization including color changes
   •  Includes a cover, price list, and welcome page that are able to be
      customized with studio policies, prices, colors, and logo
   •  Bundled action will automatically place client’s images into the
      templates, saving time and making presentations more personal
   •  Each collection has been given a lovely, stylish name for easy reference
   •  Includes 12 page tutorial to learn how to use the guide, plus info on how
      to post it online and make mini copies

   •  InDesign version of the 8.5×11 galleries for easy drag-and-drop workflow
   •  4×5.5, 8 panel pocket mini inspire guide to plant the seed of investing
      in wall galleries; give to clients at the end of your session/event

Click here to see this incredible “Inspire Guide” collection at Design Aglow with introductory pricing!

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And we are currently running a fall special with advertising rates up to half-off (or more) — and we’d love to have YOU join us!

Paperie Boutique ad sale autumn 2011

We’d like to welcome one of our newest advertisers – Swoone!

Swoone is a specialty design boutique created to meet the specific needs of the small business photographer. We create products to help photogs reach their business goals and to bring out the most in their work. We have two primary product categories; branding and marketing packages to help photographers develop brand presence and a variety of templates to highlight their work.

One of our long-time, best-selling product lines is our Seriously Simple collection. The clean, sharp design of this line translates well into albums, proof boxes, and wall displays. With so many combinations and varieties, there are an infinite number of ways to mix and match these templates.

We are also proud of our holiday card collections. One of our newest, Adornaments, is inspired by our favorite holiday shapes. It’s perfect card template set for the coming holidays. In fact, we think these templates look so incredibly cute/awesome/fantastic, that we know they’ll be perfect for any space – from the mantle to the dining room table to the family tree, these sets are worthy of a place front and center this holiday season.

Head over to our Facebook page for a complimentary Halloween Photocard template. Get ready to Swoone!

Don’t miss this chance to connect with our readers! The Paperie new advertisers sale will be extended through the weekend until Monday!

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We have a winner in our *emera camera bag contest…it’s Portraits by Kelly Ann Brown!

Emera circle print tote contest giveaway winner

Congrats to Kelly Ann and thanks to *emera for a truly incredible prize!

If you didn’t win, never fear – check in early next week to find out how you can win another *emera bag!

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I have a pretty packaging” board on Pinterest if you haven’t seen it ’til now.

Today I added a new photo with Organic Bloom frames that Buttons & Bows has given clients recently.

the organic bloom buttons and bows photography baby infant newborn photographer custom frames

click the image above for a larger pop-up version

One of my favorite boards is Cool branding and packaging by Phreckles Photography. What’s yours?

Leave a link to your favorite pinner or Pinterest board in the comments – one Paperie reader who does will win this cute camera magnet set:

Decole Camera Magnet
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Last but not least, we have another giveaway right now from Anima Dolce Design Boutique.

Anima Dolce giveaway

Go enter to win while you can!

Have a great weekend –
Robyn & Todd

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button the total package

BrandSushi is back today for another guest / vendor post and giveaway – up for grabs is a copy of their eBook “Total Package Pricing“.

brand sushi

How did you arrive at your current price list?

What’s your hourly rate (and how did you calculate it)?

Is your photography business turning a profit, or leading you down a path to the Poor House?

What message do you want your photography brand to convey, and what steps are you currently taking to maintain and build upon that message?

Are you 100% confident in your current pricing and package options?

If you’re having trouble answering these questions, it might be time to take a step back.

brand sushi

When I first started my photography business, I spent many long nights working out pricing, packages, brand and marketing strategies and budgeting for all sorts of things I hadn’t anticipated. I’m lucky enough to have a background in brand strategy, advertising and marketing, but many photographers (both new and established) don’t have that luxury, and find themselves overwhelmed with their pricing, collections, and marketing endeavors. We’re about to fix that!

Enter TOTAL PACKAGE PRICING, the pricing and collection building guide for wedding and portrait photographers who don’t want to go broke.

This three-part eBook series takes you through every facet of pricing your photography for profit, discovering — and utilizing — your CORRECT hourly rate, building a strong group of collections and packages that you’ll feel confident selling, and turning your business into a full-fledged brand. Here’s a run-down of what’s included:

brand sushi

BOOK 1 – Intro to Business and Brand Strategy : What’s in a brand? Learn how to position yourself and your products for top results. We’ll cover business structure (and why you can’t be everything to everybody); pricing and sales (learn not only WHAT to place in your collections for maximum profit, but HOW and WHY clients choose the way they do); perceived value and the inherent risks involved with discounting your way into the Poor House; and how to identify and utilize your brand’s “face and voice” to build a solid foundation on which to launch (or re-launch) a winning photography business and brand. Wherever possible, real-world examples are given and geared toward both Portrait and Wedding photographers, so everyone should be able to take something tangible out of the workbooks, regardless of their clientele!

BOOK 2 – Hourly Rates and Product Pricing : This volume will guide you toward the answer to that ever-elusive question: What are you worth? Learn the real way to calculate your hourly rate (I’ll give you a hint: it’s probably a LOT higher than you think it is!) and implement a price list that will set you up for success, and won’t leave you digging into your couch cushions when Tax season rolls around. You’ll also receive a set of Excel Spreadsheets that are already set up to do ALL THE HARD WORK (i.e. calculations) for you! But, if you don’t have Excel, never fear! All calculations are thoroughly explained in the workbook, and blank PDF templates are included so you can also do all the work by hand to get the same results! This workbook also comes with two sample price lists (one for wedding photography and one for portrait photography), as well as my personal product catalog and price list for comparison!

BOOK 3 – Building Profitable Collections : From deciding what to offer in your packages and collections to tallying their final prices and values, this workbook will leave you with a solid understanding of what goes into collections for maximum profit and confidence. You’ll also receive an Excel Collection Builder that calculates everything for you (as well as instructions on how to calculate everything by hand if you’d rather do it the old fashioned way!). We’ll cover scenarios for both wedding photographers (whose packages include service hours) and portrait photographers (whose collections are product-based).

brand sushi

And here is a basic list of the items included in this set:

(3) Excel Templates — each with multiple tabs (.xlsx format). These WILL also work in Apple’s Numbers, although some formatting might appear slightly different than in the screenshots. The Excel Templates were created in Excel 2010 and will work with recent versions of Excel on both Mac and PC. Compatibility with older versions of Excel or Numbers, or other spreadsheet programs is not verified.
(1) Instruction booklet to help you get started using the Excel Templates.
(3) PDF workbooks totaling over 50 pages of insider branding, business and pricing tips in clear, concise, and easy-to-understand terminology with real-world examples to get you thinking and keep you learning.
(1) Blank PDF line sheet with a quick pricing formula “cheat sheet” in case you’d rather do the calculations by hand.
(1) Sample Price Catalog from my own studio for reference.

Important Note: This workbook’s purpose is to give you a solid foundation and understanding of pricing and budgeting structures; it’s always a good idea to consult an accountant or tax professional to make sure you’re keeping everything in order! These workbooks do not provide financial advice — their purpose is to teach you tested pricing methods, and the psychology behind presenting those prices and packages in a way that will maximize profitability with your client sessions and orders.

And during this giveaway, all Paperie readers will receive 20% off at BrandSushi with the code PAPERIE20!

How do you win the eBook “Total Package Pricing“?

1. Tweet the following on Twitter (and tell us where you did it):
Win the “Total Package Pricing” eBook from BrandSushi.com / @brandsushi over at @paperieboutique / PaperieBoutique.com – http://is.gd/YsVq50

2. Post the following to Facebook (and tell us where you did it):
Win the “Total Package Pricing” eBook from BrandSushi.com over at PaperieBoutique.com – http://is.gd/YsVq50

3. Like brandsushi on Facebook: facebook.com/brandsushi

4. Follow @brandsushi on Twitter: twitter.com/brandsushi

Each entry requires its own separate comment. (In simple terms: If you want FOUR chances to win, you have to do all four things listed above, and then make four separate comments here telling us how you did them.)

Comment(s) must be posted here by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Sunday, June 12th. You can enter up to four times total. Post that you have met all four requirements in separate comments to have multiple chances to win!

You can enter / post up to four times total – one entry each for the options listed above. (PLEASE NOTE: Comments are held for moderation and may not appear immediately. Please be patient! They will show up eventually.)

You have four chances to win, but only one chance PER OPTION – please do not post the same link multiple times. Duplicate links will be removed. Each entry requires its own separate comment to have multiple chances to win!

Comments on this entry will be numbered in order of posting. The winning number will be chosen by Random.org, and the winner will be contacted within 24-72 hours of contest’s end to claim their prize.

Good luck!

Thanks to BrandSushi for another awesome giveaway!

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button (don’t) paint it black

It. Just. Got. Interesting! If you’ve been thinking of entering your packaging photos in our best business packaging / holiday packaging contest, now’s the time to start “doing“.

In addition to a $20 Paper Source gift certificate as a prize – now HB Photo Packaging has also kicked in an additional $100 gift certificate to their store!

Paper Source gift card

HB Photo Packaging gift card

Have no idea where to get started? Check this old Paperie entry for inspiration!

holiday packaging 2008

Get wrapping and send photos to Robyn [robyn AT paperieboutique DOT com]! Submissions last thru Tuesday, November 30th.

[ And a tip from Robyn: If you have a Michael’s near you, go raid their $1 bin. You’ll find dozens of holiday-themed goodies to stick, hot glue, or tie on your packaging – some in multi-packs making the cost of a little “spice” less than a gumball! ]

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I’ve known Justyna Nielsen of Funky Monkey Photography for years now and I’m so excited to have her here for a guest post on Paperie!

Funky Monkey logo

Creating whimsical easels

If black isn’t a part of your branding, why use black easels? Spice things up with your favorite colors or even use special effect such as distressing or crackling. Match up colors to your branding or room décor.

easel 3

Creative uses:
I used one as a menu holder for my leather-bound price list I keep in my studio. A few other ones hold colorful frames with product descriptions. I also used a few for gifts for my clients when they purchased storyboards. Here are some other creative uses:

1. Price list. Place a price list or brochures in one of these easels for a beautiful display in your studio or at an auction, expo or event. For best results, your price list can be in form of a fabric/leather bound menu or mounted on a sturdy backing. Choosing the correct easel size is important so items don’t fall out or cause the easel to tip over if too big.

2. Collages. Provide your clients the whole package. If you offer styrene or board mounted collages, offer easels for “display ready” option to your clients. Perfect for mantels, desks, shelves, tables. You can look into wholesale easel purchasing and make sure you add the cost to the item price. This is called “value adding” in pricing.

3. Smaller frames fit in easels too. Place a cute 5×7” birth announcement (or a photo) in a matching color frame and display it on an easel. We recommend using a different shade or a complimentary color for the easel. Can make a special product or a gift.

4. Album or press book display. Instead of laying your albums on a table, create a more visible display by placing albums in easels. Especially impressive if your albums open up flat and have seamless spreads. Open it to your favorite panoramic image and place in the easel. Your clients can create different displays each month by opening to a different page.

5. Holder for product shots. Colorful holder for product shots to make an appealing price list.

6. Sign holder. If you participate in any expos or auctions, you can have your logo printed and mounted on a styrene or foam board and then placed in a matching color easel. Ideal for the expo tables. Place any other display items that may fit in them to create more interest.

7. Holiday card display. Choose this standard easel or one of the photo/note holder trees, paint in your chosen color and attach holiday cards.

8. Props. Have a lot of paint left? Sand a kid chair or another wooden prop and use the spray paints to give them a new look. Spray paint an ordinary garden tub or a planting pot to transform it into a new prop. Spray paint cans or small buckets for pen holders.

9. Uniform frames. If you’re like me, you have a collection of empty mismatched frames. Pick 6-7 of your favorite and spray paint them the same color. Perhaps a distressed or crackled antique white for the shabby chic look. You can use 2 colors such as hot pink and black to split amount frames. Hang them up empty on your wall for a creative wall decoration if you feel you can’t fill them with photographs right now. You can also cut corkboard to fit a frame for a creative reminder board or frame a chalkboard for a funky message board.

easel 1

You will need:
– Metal easel any color
– Spray cans of primer (optional)
– Paint spray cans in desired color
– Cardboard and gloves recommended to keep your area and hands clean

The paint in spray cans is pretty fast drying but you will need multiple coats for best coverage.

easel 2

1. Prepare a metal easel. Easels can be purchased online or in most craft stores (mine are from Michael’s Craft Store). Wipe clean and dry. Place in a well-ventilated space on a cardboard or newspaper. The spray paints will have a big reach so avoid spillage by protecting the area. I sprayed mine outside but I had to watch out for wind blowing any leaves my way.

2. For best coverage, spray the easel with a primer. This step is optional. I made most of mine without the primer.

3. Find your favorite color in spray paint from a local hardware store. I found mine at Home Depot, Menard’s and Ace Hardware. I picked these colors because they fit my logo colors (orange, lime green and purple). The rest were fun shades I found for chairs and other props.

4. Shake the can vigorously before each use. Spray from about 1 foot away in thin coats. Let dry in between multiple coats. For best coverage, avoid getting too close or going over in the same spot multiple times without letting it dry. Once the paint gets pretty thin and starts running, remember to shake the can again. I tend to start with the bottom so I flip the easel upside down. Spray. Wait. Flip on the other side, repeat the process. Inspect from all sides when dry. If you mess up, wait until it dries, sand with fine sand paper and re-paint a larger area.

– Use one color (such as turquoise) for under coat and a different
  one (such as green) for the final coat. Wipe off the outer coat
  in a few spots with a dry bristle brush to reveal the under coat.
– Use sand paper to rough up the edges for a distressed look.
– Try a crackle or other special effect paints.

Justyna Nielsen is the owner and photographer of Funky Monkey Photography with a tale. She specializes in baby and children photography in Madison, Wisconsin.

[ Note from Robyn: Easels can also be purchased inexpensively onllne from Display Collections and Easel Moments. ]

Thanks so much for stopping by Justyna! I think I have some painting to do now…

Happy, merry!

P.S. If you are interested in advertising with Paperie Boutique, please contact todd @ this domain. If you are a photographer and are interested in having your packaging featured – or are a vendor and are interested in having your business packaging, marketing ideas, or photography-related products featured – please contact robyn @ this domain to be added to the posting schedule.

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button the monster mash(up)

Normally I don’t post on the weekends because I’m shooting, but this past week has been anything but normal. And since I finally have a weekend off and a mountain of stuff to catch up on post-flu, today is a Paperie Mashup of photos, guest posts, and fabulous prizes. (Make sure you read ’til the end for the chance to win a little summin’-summin’!)

After 2½ months of non-stop, back-to-back shooting (including 6 babies born 4-6 weeks ahead of schedule), I finally have a few weekends free thanks to the early births to try and catch up on life (and work, and more work, and even more work) again. I’m surprised some of my clients haven’t started chasing me through town with pitchforks and torches. But before I could unclutter my to-do list, I had to get some sense of order back in my office. And I finally got the 33-year old portrait of me and my mom restored and up on the wall, so for the first time, the room looks as complete as I always envisioned it in my mind.

B and B office

You can see more of my office / wrapping station over at Flickr in the post and in the comments.

B and B office

This portrait of me and my mom (including the frame) hung above the wrapping station in my grandmother’s (maternity / infant / toddler / child) clothing store from the 70s to the late 80s. Now it has been restored and hangs above mine.

B and B office

My red and Tiffany suitcases are no longer sold, but try Land of Nod for ones very similar.

B and B office

A quick peek at my closet storage system. I also have 1-car of our 3-car garage. Will work for props!

B and B office

And if you didn’t get quite enough office pics from me, here’s one more from Heather of Stylized Portraiture in Athens, GA.

stylized portraiture

“In our studio we have a sliding door with about 2-inches of wall clearance. It hides the door when we’re gone or during appointments and slides open when we’re open to the public. We needed a wall to show various print sizes and decided to put it behind that door. With only 2 inches of clearance, we couldn’t use frames. Originally, we were going to use vinyl stickers that looked like frames, but the least expensive place that we found ended up costing almost $300 for all of them – an amount we just weren’t prepared to spend. So, we bought designer thumbtacks at Hobby Lobby and used those instead! They’re paper over wood, but designer pushpins come in all kinds of materials, even glass! Just check on Etsy or your local stores.”

div line

Recently Paperie had a Design Aglow “Studio Look Book” giveaway sponsored by one of our readers Tosha Francis of The Captured Life Photography in Washington D.C.

Tosha just finished her own “Wedding Look Book” (featured last week on the Design Aglow blog) and welcome packet (using vendors and resources seen here). It all turned out PERFECT – check it out!

wedding look book

wedding look book

wedding look book

wedding look book

wedding look book

wedding look book

wedding look book

wedding look book

wedding look book

wedding look book

wedding look book

wedding look book

Congrats Tosha and thanks for sharing – your clients are going to be blown away!

div line

I didn’t forget my promise of “fabulous prizes” – here’s the latest giveaway – the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” packaging collection courtesy of Paperie Boutique & HB Photo Packaging.

Breakfast at Tiffany packaging

The “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” packaging collection includes:

• two 5×7½”-deep Wedding White / Paragon Brown photo boxes from
  HB Photo Packaging (a photo box look styled by Paperie – Wedding
  White box tops which are a gorgeous pearl-white and pale silver
  stripe pattern, and Paragon Brown box bases) — each box has a
  brown Tissue Fold and brown Stretch Ribbon Loop included
• two 8×10½”-deep Wedding White / Paragon Brown photo boxes
  from HB Photo Packaging — each box has a brown Tissue Fold
  and brown Stretch Ribbon Loop included
• two 6×4×2½”-deep Wedding White / Paragon Brown 250 Proof
  boxes from HB Photo Packaging
• four 3×4″ Clean Edge Card “Style H” Tags in Aqua from
• two mini-frame + brad photo-charm packaging embellishments
  (as seen on my own packaging here)
• two rolls of “Aqua Essentials” (88146 & 88148) Elements 3/8″
  ribbon by American Crafts
• four aqua, white and brown thank you cards with white envelopes
• four 1.5″ round sticker seals in Pool from Paper Source
• one HB Photo Packaging “Professional Photography Presentation
  Packaging” guide (shown here)

Breakfast at Tiffany packaging

Breakfast at Tiffany packaging

Want it? Go to your blog, Facebook account, Flickr account, or Twitter account and post the following:

I want Breakfast at Tiffany’s packaging set by HB Photo Packaging / h-bphoto.com & @shutterblog ‘s Paperie Boutique / paperieboutique.com

Post the URL(s) to your link(s) in the comments for THIS ENTRY. Comment(s) must be posted here by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, April 20th.

Please note: The link you post must direct to a public account. We cannot verify links on private, friends & family only, or passworded accounts and they will not be eligible to win this item.

You can enter up to four times total – one entry each per public, non-private blog URL / Facebook / Flickr / Twitter account.

You have four chances to win but only one chance PER LINK – please do not post the same link multiple times – duplicate links will be removed. And post your 1-4 separate links in separate comments to have multiple chances to win!

Comments on this entry will be numbered in order of posting. The winning number will be chosen by Random.org, and the winner will be contacted within 24 hours of contest’s end to claim their prize. Good luck everyone!

And check back often this week – more great posts are already on the schedule!

UPDATE: The winner Rachel Allison has been announced! Thank you to everyone who participated!

div line

ATTENTION VENDORS: We tuck business cards, coupon inserts, and promo pieces inside of our prize packages. If you are interested in having yours included, please contact me (my e-mail is in the sidebar and is robyn @ this domain – or you can leave a comment). Also contact me if you are interested in having your business packaging, marketing ideas, or photography-related products featured on Paperie Boutique.

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS: Show us your packaging! If the features here have helped you pull together your own look, please share with the class and pay it forward. Contact Robyn (e-mail link in the sidebar / robyn @ this domain) to be added to the posting schedule.

If you are interested in advertising with Paperie Boutique, please contact todd @ this domain.

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button fine art

I’m so excited to share this guest post by Ana Brandt. In addition to being an amazing maternity and newborn / baby photographer, she runs the theartofpregnancyandnewborn.com website, myLIFE workshops, and TAoPaN Magazine. (Oh and by the way, there’s a free download at the end so don’t just skim!) Now without further adieu…

I love this site. The eye candy is so great and it’s fun to be featured on here!

As photographers we all know how important it is to develop your niche and create your brand. That’s what theartofpregnancyandnewborn.com is all about.

As we speak I am revamping many of my websites but even as is, they still mark who I am. One of my main passions is pregnancy aand newborn photography. I LOVE newborns! Don’t we all? But I LOVE pregnant women even more. I know many photographers just shoot the maternity session in anticipation for the newborn session, but I love pregnancy and capturing it is a must.


I created a separate site for my pregnancy and newborn titled Belly Baby Love. It has a classic signature black and white look. My standard color palette is browns for studio work, but for the pregnancy and newborn sessions I wanted to keep it simple.

This year I joined a company that delivers gift baskets to celebrity clients each month. I am the sole photographer in their “BUMP basket”, and when they get the call that a celebrity or their spouse is pregnant, my information is included in that basket. I teamed up with a client of mine that creates cards for Envelopments and they helped me come up with something cute and simple to put in the “BUMP basket”. Since we are already a part of the Envelopments dealer program I knew what pieces would work so we developed a promo piece with relative ease.


The main goal was to keep it classic and simple…

• Calendar is by CPQ
• The stickers are by ProDPI
• The trifolds inside are our own design (available on our
  site at theartofpregnancyandnewborn.com)
• Our designer created what we wanted and printed it on
  cardstock from Envelopments and used coordinating
  papers and envelopes – these are great because we
  can change them at will and just print as we need
• The gift card is a two sided wallet from ProDPI (we
  love how sturdy these wallets are!)
• Inside the pocket we have our pregnancy, newborn
  and first-year trifolds printed on pearl paper at WHCC

These have been sent to celebrities such as Bree Turner, Jamie Oliver, Annie Wersching, Mario Lopez, Alicia Coppola, Kevin Costner, and Catherine Bell just to name a few – plus a slew of other celebrities. The baskets usually go out very early, so it takes a bit until we hear from them. But we can’t wait until we get that phone call!


When venturing out and seeking opportunities, make sure you have all of your materials ready. For Pregnancy and Newborn you should always have the following:

• Pregnancy Pricing
• Newborn Pricing
• A package to include both
• A first year plan/option
• Standard pricing


Clients want to know all of their options. Most of our clients choose a package and many come into the plan. The key is to have amazing classic images. In many of our materials we provide stock images for other photographers to use in their material. We also highly recommend you have some very classic pregnancy and newborn images in your hands ready to create material. Our material has information on what to bring for the session, as well as what to wear. We also give clients a list of foods they should not eat before coming in for a newborn session. The more prepared we can make this client the more comfortable they will be.


Remember, you are dealing with the two most sensitive times of a clients life – being pregnant and having a baby. We want our clients to come in and feel they have been prepared for and are being taken care of. They know what clothing we have – we have a large collection of mama dresses from our Thredz line, as well as diaper covers for the baby. Our studio is equipped with water, wipes, snacks, music, a noise machine and a hundred other things that are handy to have around.

To view a list of products to support your efforts and join us in webinars or our online workshop, visit theartofpregnancyandnewborn.com. To view a copy of our free magazine go to taopanmag.com.

Shop for marketing products at the TAoPaN Store. Use the coupon code PAPER to get 15% off everything. The store is being reopened temporarily just for this promotion.

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And as a special gift for Paperie readers, you can download a FREE nursing card from theartofpregnancyandnewborn.com.

nursing card

download link ← (The card is what we give to clients prior to their session. It contains a list of foods to avoid so their baby isn’t fussy and gassy.)

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Also visit our Thredz Store for baby, children, and mama.

Thank you so much, Ana! If you don’t subscribe to myLIFE workshops, and TAoPaN Magazine, make sure to do so!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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button Small wonders

Make sure you read ’til the end because there is another AMAZING (yes, AMAZING) give-away!

But since I’m a firm believer in “dessert first, main course later…” here’s another great packaging feature. Today’s guest post is by Carrie Small of Carrie Small Photography in Fayetteville, NC. You might remember that Carrie was featured here last August. She recently updated her packaging and it’s visual proof that lightning can strike the same place twice!

csp branding

Appointment Reminder – sent out to clients after they send in their deposit to hold a session. The template came from Pink Ink Studios and is printed at my print shop as a folded bookmark.

csp branding

Avery Notebook – holds my signed model releases, frames examples, and receipts. Purchased from avery.com [Note from Robyn: for more information about, and photos of, the Avery organizers see this previous Paperie entry]

csp branding

“Flair for your Fridge” – used to seal the ribbons on my presentation boxes for my clients, I purchased them from somethingbluestudios.com. They are really magnets.

csp branding

csp branding

Copyright and Print Release – printed front and back press printed 5×7 card from my print shop. I add one to each presentation box. I purchased the template/wording from thepolishedphotographer.com.

csp branding

High Resolution CD/Case – CDs are printed from CPQ, enclosed in a trifold 5×5 card from my print shop. The template/wording was purchased from thepolishedphotographer.com and includes copyright info, a signed print release, and printing recommendations. The CD hub was purchased at shop4tech.com.

csp branding

Low Resolution CD/Case – I print the label for these CDs myself, and they are included free of purchased files. They are added to the presentation box with the clients images. Included is a the copyright information and terms of use for the photos. The CD hub was purchased at shop4tech.com.

csp branding

csp branding

Client Info Packet – includes a 5×5 Trifold Contract, Model Release and Price List (printed as a sell sheet from MpixPro) and 2 business cards, enclosed in a presentation envelope purchased from Paper Source.

csp branding

Referral Packet – added to each client order. Includes a 5×5 flat press printed card containing my referral information. I print wallets of each order with my website information and referall information on the back of the wallets, and include them tied in a ribbon to the referral packet. They are then enclosed in a petal envelope from paper-source.com and sealed with custom stickers from Moo.com (not pictured).

csp branding

Presentation Boxes – I purchase my boxes from Rice Studio Supply and enclose all prints in clear bags from clearbags.com. The box is then wrapped with a ribbon matching my branding and sealed with a flair for your fridge magnet from somethingbluestudios.com.

csp branding

Calendar – printed from CPQ, I use this as my calendar for scheduling.

csp branding

Thank You Card – this is a 5×5 print that I print after editing a favorite photo from the session – I try to do this the day after the session. It includes a thank you to the client as well as information on viewing the gallery when it is ready. I mail this in a 5×5 envelope from paper-source.com.

Thank you so much for coming back to share a follow-up, Carrie! Your work, and your packaging, are nothing short of perfection. You can catch Carrie to say thanks at her blog here.

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Still with me? Good! Because here’s the amazing give-away coming up for one lucky reader!

design aglow studio look book basic

Recently I was contacted by a regular reader, Tosha Francis, of The Captured Life Photography. This site has been a tremendous help to Tosha and her business and she wanted to “pay it forward”. So she is donating the “Studio Look Book – Basic” from Design Aglow ($175.00 value). I already have the download information. All you have to do is win it!

Professionally written and graphically designed, our fully customizable template is divided into categories to help sell all your fabulous studio offerings, from everything from albums to wall galleries, specialty items, high resolution negatives and more. Our 30 page, 8×12 catalog template makes selling every single product your studio offers an easy and beautiful experience…simply insert your own product photo into our layouts.

So exactly how do you win? That might be helpful information, no? Go to your blog, Facebook account, Flickr account, or Twitter account and post the following:

Win the @designaglow / designaglow.com Studio Look Book – visit Paperie Boutique / paperieboutique.com by @shutterblog to find out how!

Please note: The link you post must direct to a public account. I cannot verify links on private, friends & family only, or passworded accounts and they will not be eligible to win this item.

You can enter up to four times total – one entry each per public, non-private blog URL / Facebook / Flickr / Twitter account. Post the URL to your link(s) in the comments for THIS ENTRY. Comment(s) must be posted here by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Friday, March 26th.

Comments on this entry will be numbered in order of posting. The winning number will be chosen by Random.org, and the winner will be contacted within 24 hours of contest’s end to claim their prize. Good luck everyone!

Don’t forget to tell Tosha “thank you” over at her blog, too! I my readers!

UPDATE: We have a winner! It’s Belinda Olsen Photography!

design aglow winner

Congratulations Belinda and thanks to everyone who entered. More giveaways are in the works (including this current one by Photoflashdrive.com that runs through Sunday evening) – so check back!

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And just a little FYI, you might want to make sure you check back in Friday. That’s all I’m sayin’ for now!

Last but not least… If you noticed things were a little wonky here earlier in the week, my amazing host (Hosting Matters) has been taking great care of us. They put Paperie over in its own space away from my other business and personal sites to make it even bigger / better / faster. I’ve been with Hosting Matters since 2001 and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. If you need a web host, check them out! You can get quite a deal if you say you’re from Paperie Boutique!

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I am not ashamed to say that I begged and pleaded to do the following feature. I’ve been wanting to highlight boudoir photography packaging for quite awhile, and when I saw Stacey’s presentation for Goldapple Photography and Denton Boudoir Photography, I was simply blown away. I think you will be, too!

denton boudoir

When my boudoir clients book, they receive (either in the mail or in person) a large presentation envelope from Paper Source that has their contracts, info form, and price sheets (all printed from my home on white cardstock). I always include a couple business cards (printed square at ProDPI on pearl paper), and an appointment card (printed as a folded business card on pear paper at WHCC) with their session date on it.

denton boudoir

Generally I include a sample invitation or card (depending on the client’s plan for the final images). I have brides use their images to create bachelorette party invitations, lingerie shower invitations, or bridal shower invitations. Here is one I created recently.

denton boudoir

I am a member of PT4P, and I used the wall design catalog to create my accordion wall design guide (inspired by Jen of Mesmerizing Moments Photography!).

denton boudoir

Some girls aren’t too keen on purchasing large prints for themselves, but I always explain that prints are great for bathrooms (because that is where a woman generally feels the most vulnerable!) and for “man” rooms. My husband has a “man room” that has his guitars, drums, cigars and pipes stuff, books, etc., and that would be a great place for boudoir photos of me (if I ever found the time to do them!).

I also own Goldapple Photography, my portrait business, so I always throw some business cards for it into my booking envelope and offer $50 off their portrait session fee if they book a separate portrait session at the same time as their boudoir session.

denton boudoir

My packaging for final prints is from Paper Source. I love their boxes, and they are the only place I can find solid pink boxes! But I also use DNL for black boxes for anything bigger than 8×10. I get shredded pink paper for filler in the boxes from Target, and ribbon from wherever I can find it! Mostly Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, but sometimes I’ll find something online. I don’t use one particular ribbon, but I always use pink and black.

denton boudoir

I use clear bags from clearbags.com to protect prints, and my small round stickers of my logo are printed at zazzle.com. I also have stickers printed from Moo, but I don’t have pictures of them yet!

denton boudoir

With my delivery of their order, I include a petal envelope in black from Paper Source with a 5×5 referral card (printed at WHCC on standard paper) and their 8 die-cut wallets (printed wherever I print their pictures at – usually ProDPI or Miller’s) tied with a ribbon. When I took these photos, I didn’t have any wallets printed so I just used a mini envelope from Paper Source. But I do have a photo of my Goldapple Photography referral card!

denton boudoir

I got this idea from Robyn’s referral cards, and I love it!

denton boudoir

So that is my Denton Boudoir Photography packaging! Thank you Robyn, for allowing me to share with your readers!

Lotsa Love,

denton boudoir

Stacey’s Client Booking Envelope:
★ Envelope – Paper Source
★ Wall Design Guide – Miller’s accordion 10 panel & linen finish
★ Sample Folded Card (specific to type of session) – ProDPI, Moo, WHCC
★ Business Cards – square & pearl finish/ProDPI, regular & linen finish/WHCC
★ Gift card promotion for friends – 5×7 flat card & linen finish/WHCC, pearl finish business cards/WHCC
★ Full Price List – printed at home on cardstock
★ Album Price List – 5×5 trifold & linen finish/Miller’s
★ Client info form – printed at home
★ Client model release – printed at home
★ Client contract & receipt form – printed at home
★ Round sticker to seal – Zazzle

Stacey’s Client Packaging Contents:
★ 4×6 & 5×7 boxes – Paper Source
★ 8×10 and larger boxes – DNL Photo Packaging
★ Photo bags – Clearbags
★ Canvas packaging – Paper Source
★ Round Stickers – Zazzle
★ Rounded Square Stickers – Moo
★ Ribbon – Hobby Lobby
★ Champagne & Chocolate bags – Clearbags
★ Petal Envelopes – Paper Source
★ Referral Insert Cards – 5×5 flat cards WHCC
★ Wallet Referral Cards – Depends on where I am placing the client’s print order, I order them through that printer
★ Small business card envelopes – Paper Source

Drop by and see Stacey’s work at Denton Boudoir Photography and Goldapple Photography—and thank her for sharing her amazing marketing and presentation “guest post” with the class!

If you’re interested in having your own business packaging, marketing ideas, or photography-related products featured please contact me (my e-mail is in the sidebar and is robyn @ this domain – or you can leave a comment).

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