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We’re excited to have Sarah of Parisi Images back for another guest post here at Paperie! This time she’s sharing her in-home gallery space with our readers.

And make sure you read ’til the end because we have new birthday party info!

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Parisi Images logo

The actual space is a small (barely over 100 square feet) four-season porch attached to the back of the house. It offers just enough room to do what I love—invite a bride a groom over to share in some wine or coffee and spend the evening sharing our stories. If you meet with me, you’ll soon learn that the reason I photograph weddings is because I love stories…and I want you to see and to know that your story is beautiful, just the way it is. The design of the space is driven by the the idea of generous hospitality—the table—an old farmstand table painted white—holds center stage. Just like so many kitchen tables, it’s at the table where we get to know one another, where the sharing, the giving, the receiving all take place when you come for a visit.

Click each of the images below for a larger pop-up version…

Sarah Parisi Studio
Sarah Parisi Studio
Sarah Parisi Studio
Sarah Parisi Studio
Sarah Parisi Studio

For other photographers out there interested in what went into creating this space, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that it all stems directly from my brand and packaging materials. One way to know if your branding is working for you is to see how well it translates into a variety of uses, purposes and spaces.

I initially planned to create a “living room” scene with a sofa and large-screen display. After a great deal of trial-and-error, I came to realize the space was just too small to provide ample room for a couch.

“Plan B” evolved into pairing down the furniture to absolute essentials—a table and seating. Using a bench on one side of the table offered enough seating for clients without filling the room with excess chairs and keeps the visual appeal of the space tight and tidy.

The room divider filled with images creates a small entryway, accented by a stool showcasing the circle emblem of my logo. (I personally love this touch!) Most of all, I intentionally filled the space with gallery wraps, large prints and sample albums, giving clients the ability to really envision ways they can make use of their own images.

Sarah Parisi

Find more on Sarah Parisi’s in-home gallery space at her blog.

Sarah Parisi’s design space has also been featured recently on Design Aglow’s “inside real studios” feature. You can also see her Paperie Boutique packaging and marketing feature here. Thanks again for sharing with the class, Sarah!

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Did you hear the big news? Paperie turns FOUR YEARS OLD this month!

Paperie Boutique fourth birthday party

This post will continually be updated with new vendor, prize, and discount information for our readers! We will be featuring promos and giveaways from the following merchants / websites – more added soon so please check back:

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33. CPQ Professional Imaging
34. Hardwood Frames
35. Laura Novak Photography Education
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37. Lazables
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We have also added special discount codes and offers from our merchants that are exclusive to Paperie Boutique readers during our birthday celebration.

There are so many more surprises ahead—you won’t want to miss a second!

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Don’t forget to visit PaperieBirthday.com and see what you missed!

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The party kicks off TOMORROW – Friday, 7/19!
Robyn & Todd

P.S. If you are a vendor who would like to sponsor the event, donate a prize,
        and / or provide a discount code for our readers please contact Todd:
        todd AT paperieboutique DOT com – we’d love to have you join us!

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We have another awesome guest / vendor post and giveaway today – Photoumbra Studios is back with their new venture StudioThoughtSauce.com.

studio thought sauce

We are Monica and Jake of Photoumbra Studios. Our home-based studio was just featured in the June issue of Professional Photographers Magazine article about home-studios that you can view here. In conjunction with this article, we have not only launched a new website, StudioThoughtSauce.com, but released a new product that is sure to excite home-based studio owners: The Studio Inspiration Guide: Enhancing your Home-Grown Studio.

Blank white book with path

This 30 page downloadable eBook features six chapters full of great information for getting the most out of your home-based portrait studio including studio photos, individual exercises and checklists to help you identify where and how your home studio can grow.

chapters web

Chapters include:

ONE: The Client Experience {We take you step by step through 7 critical contact points to make your client’s experience a positive and memorable one. We also share ideas on how to infuse each contact point with important information to maximize your selling potential and tips on how to do this from your home studio.

TWO: Space Wars {Owning a home-based business not only presents the challenge of balancing work and family, it can also put you in the middle of a constant tug-a-war for space. This chapter will help you determine which spaces are best utilized for specific functions and how you can creatively utilize your space to its max!}

THREE: Do-it-Yourself Tips and Tricks {We walk you through several DIY ideas on how to enhance your space and client experience such as how to make your own background studio system for under $50}

FOUR: Keep the Bottom Line in Mind {This chapter will provide specific activities to help you be more profitable in your spending and selling.}

FIVE: Defining your Success {Success is measured in many different ways. We’ll help you explore your own definition of success and offer tips on how to better reach your goals.}

SIX: Our Favorite Things {This chapter identifies the the tools and vendors we find most useful in operating a successful home studio.}

BONUS: Enjoy some of the graphic elements we used to create the Studio Inspiration Guide. Get 7 Doodle Frames and an entire page of fun doodle elements. See images below!


Get the Studio Inspiration Guide for the special launch price of just $19.99, regularly $39. Plus, get a bonus download of 7 doodle border frames used in the book as well as several doodle embellishments!

You can purchase the guide HERE.

Also, for your chance to win a complimentary copy of The Studio Inspiration Guide or any of the other great products that Studio Thought Sauce offers, simply visit our website and see which product you would like for FREE in the Sauce Shop — then visit our Facebook page and “like” us — and then write which product you would like for FREE on our wall by 11:59 p.m. EDT Saturday, June 25th. One random wall post will be selected by Monday, June 27th and will be notified via Facebook.

Thanks to Photoumbra Studios and StudioThoughtSauce.com for the awesome prize!

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dear miss modern

Don’t forget we also have a giveaway running through 11:59 p.m. EDT on Thursday, June 23rd for a pre-made logo OR $100.00 giftcard to Dear Miss Modern!

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