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We’re excited to have Sarah of Parisi Images back for another guest post here at Paperie! This time she’s sharing her in-home gallery space with our readers.

And make sure you read ’til the end because we have new birthday party info!

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Parisi Images logo

The actual space is a small (barely over 100 square feet) four-season porch attached to the back of the house. It offers just enough room to do what I love—invite a bride a groom over to share in some wine or coffee and spend the evening sharing our stories. If you meet with me, you’ll soon learn that the reason I photograph weddings is because I love stories…and I want you to see and to know that your story is beautiful, just the way it is. The design of the space is driven by the the idea of generous hospitality—the table—an old farmstand table painted white—holds center stage. Just like so many kitchen tables, it’s at the table where we get to know one another, where the sharing, the giving, the receiving all take place when you come for a visit.

Click each of the images below for a larger pop-up version…

Sarah Parisi Studio
Sarah Parisi Studio
Sarah Parisi Studio
Sarah Parisi Studio
Sarah Parisi Studio

For other photographers out there interested in what went into creating this space, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that it all stems directly from my brand and packaging materials. One way to know if your branding is working for you is to see how well it translates into a variety of uses, purposes and spaces.

I initially planned to create a “living room” scene with a sofa and large-screen display. After a great deal of trial-and-error, I came to realize the space was just too small to provide ample room for a couch.

“Plan B” evolved into pairing down the furniture to absolute essentials—a table and seating. Using a bench on one side of the table offered enough seating for clients without filling the room with excess chairs and keeps the visual appeal of the space tight and tidy.

The room divider filled with images creates a small entryway, accented by a stool showcasing the circle emblem of my logo. (I personally love this touch!) Most of all, I intentionally filled the space with gallery wraps, large prints and sample albums, giving clients the ability to really envision ways they can make use of their own images.

Sarah Parisi

Find more on Sarah Parisi’s in-home gallery space at her blog.

Sarah Parisi’s design space has also been featured recently on Design Aglow’s “inside real studios” feature. You can also see her Paperie Boutique packaging and marketing feature here. Thanks again for sharing with the class, Sarah!

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Did you hear the big news? Paperie turns FOUR YEARS OLD this month!

Paperie Boutique fourth birthday party

This post will continually be updated with new vendor, prize, and discount information for our readers! We will be featuring promos and giveaways from the following merchants / websites – more added soon so please check back:

1.   HB Photo Packaging
2.   MOO.COM
3.   Sarah Petty & Erin Verbeck’s “The Joy of Marketing
4.   Jo Totes Camera Bags
5.   Beth Forester’s photoDUDS
6.   Simply Color / Simply Canvas
7.   Rice Studio Supplies
8.   Click Magazine / Clickin Moms
9.   Chic Critique Forum
10. Full Color Lab
11. WHCC
12. Kelly Moore Bag
13. Artsy Couture
14. MpixPro
15. Epiphanie Camera Bags
16. Sassy Designs, Ltd.
17. Miller’s Professional Imaging
18. deluxemodern design
19. Kotori Photo Jewelry
20. *emera Camera Bags
21. Photographer Cafe
22. Brand Sushi
23. My Funky Camera
24. Prairie Sweet
25. Pamela Topping
26. The Album Cafe
27. AMSW Photography
28. Galpin Studios
29. Nations Photo Lab
30. Kraft and Jute
31. Colorvale Actions
32. Nifty Knowledge Rocks Shop
33. CPQ Professional Imaging
34. Hardwood Frames
35. Laura Novak Photography Education
36. Color Incorporated Pro Lab
37. Lazables
38. Abie Camera Straps
39. Preveal
40. Photocrati
41. LobLee Camera Bags
42. <insert YOUR BUSINESS NAME here>

= Paperie Boutique / PaperieBirthday.com sponsor

We have also added special discount codes and offers from our merchants that are exclusive to Paperie Boutique readers during our birthday celebration.

There are so many more surprises ahead—you won’t want to miss a second!

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Don’t forget to visit PaperieBirthday.com and see what you missed!

Paperie Boutique Birthday giveaway one
Paperie Boutique Birthday giveaway two
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Free Moo Business Cards
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The party kicks off TOMORROW – Friday, 7/19!
Robyn & Todd

P.S. If you are a vendor who would like to sponsor the event, donate a prize,
        and / or provide a discount code for our readers please contact Todd:
        todd AT paperieboutique DOT com – we’d love to have you join us!

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Today we welcome sponsor Design Aglow back for another guest / vendor post. They have a new product with special introductory pricing!

Design Aglow’s new Inspire Guide is here!

design aglow inspire guide portrait

Ever wish you had an interior designer waiting in the wings? Straight from the Design Aglow team comes the answer: couture style, professionally designed wall displays, complete with hand drawn and painted furniture, frames, mats and accessories.

Now you can share these 25 stunning room ideas as representations of wall groupings your studio offers as an added studio design service. Not only can your client collect fine art, you have the power of a full-service design consultant right in your studio at your fingertips! This luscious set includes a cover, along with a customizable price list, welcome page, studio policies, colors and logo; and because our actions are bundled, you can simply place client’s images into the templates, saving you precious time, while making presentations more personal.


With this stunning collection you can put Design Aglow’s attention to detail to work for you.

   •  25 gorgeous, professionally designed wall displays complete with
      hand-drawn and painted furniture, frames, mats, and accessories
   •  Each template is in fully layered Photoshop PSD format for unlimited
      customization including color changes
   •  Includes a cover, price list, and welcome page that are able to be
      customized with studio policies, prices, colors, and logo
   •  Bundled action will automatically place client’s images into the
      templates, saving time and making presentations more personal
   •  Each collection has been given a lovely, stylish name for easy reference
   •  Includes 12 page tutorial to learn how to use the guide, plus info on how
      to post it online and make mini copies

   •  InDesign version of the 8.5×11 galleries for easy drag-and-drop workflow
   •  4×5.5, 8 panel pocket mini inspire guide to plant the seed of investing
      in wall galleries; give to clients at the end of your session/event

Click here to see this incredible “Inspire Guide” collection at Design Aglow with introductory pricing!

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And we are currently running a fall special with advertising rates up to half-off (or more) — and we’d love to have YOU join us!

Paperie Boutique ad sale autumn 2011

We’d like to welcome one of our newest advertisers – Swoone!

Swoone is a specialty design boutique created to meet the specific needs of the small business photographer. We create products to help photogs reach their business goals and to bring out the most in their work. We have two primary product categories; branding and marketing packages to help photographers develop brand presence and a variety of templates to highlight their work.

One of our long-time, best-selling product lines is our Seriously Simple collection. The clean, sharp design of this line translates well into albums, proof boxes, and wall displays. With so many combinations and varieties, there are an infinite number of ways to mix and match these templates.

We are also proud of our holiday card collections. One of our newest, Adornaments, is inspired by our favorite holiday shapes. It’s perfect card template set for the coming holidays. In fact, we think these templates look so incredibly cute/awesome/fantastic, that we know they’ll be perfect for any space – from the mantle to the dining room table to the family tree, these sets are worthy of a place front and center this holiday season.

Head over to our Facebook page for a complimentary Halloween Photocard template. Get ready to Swoone!

Don’t miss this chance to connect with our readers! The Paperie new advertisers sale will be extended through the weekend until Monday!

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We have a winner in our *emera camera bag contest…it’s Portraits by Kelly Ann Brown!

Emera circle print tote contest giveaway winner

Congrats to Kelly Ann and thanks to *emera for a truly incredible prize!

If you didn’t win, never fear – check in early next week to find out how you can win another *emera bag!

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I have a pretty packaging” board on Pinterest if you haven’t seen it ’til now.

Today I added a new photo with Organic Bloom frames that Buttons & Bows has given clients recently.

the organic bloom buttons and bows photography baby infant newborn photographer custom frames

click the image above for a larger pop-up version

One of my favorite boards is Cool branding and packaging by Phreckles Photography. What’s yours?

Leave a link to your favorite pinner or Pinterest board in the comments – one Paperie reader who does will win this cute camera magnet set:

Decole Camera Magnet
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Last but not least, we have another giveaway right now from Anima Dolce Design Boutique.

Anima Dolce giveaway

Go enter to win while you can!

Have a great weekend –
Robyn & Todd

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Recently we featured the new Specialty Shaped Metal Prints from Black River Imaging. Here’s a great example of what you can do with them!

Black River Imaging Organic Bloom Clock Frame

Angela Spieker (of Artistic Impressions Photography & Design) combined Black River Imaging‘s 5” round metal prints with a Karlsson Wall Clock for this stunning, functional wall display. (Frames shown are by The Organic Bloom.)

Black River Imaging Organic Bloom Clock Frame

Black River Imaging Organic Bloom Clock Frame

Black River Imaging Organic Bloom Clock Frame

Black River Imaging Organic Bloom Clock Frame

Angela made the clock as a personal project, but will offer it to her clients upon request. Thank you so much for sharing with our Paperie readers, Angela!

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If you’re looking for hosting, Hosting Matters is offering a special deal for Summer 2011. I’ve mentioned here before that I have been a Hosting Matters customer for almost a full decade, and I can’t imagine going anywhere else!

The summer special offer currently running through Labor Day (with discounts for quarterly, semiannual, annual, and bienniel contracts) is just $8 USD per month. You’ll receive unmetered resources to allow you to do what you need with your site without worry. Blogs, photo albums, mailing lists, and content management systems are just a sampling of what can be installed with one click using your account’s Control Panel – no programming knowledge or uploading required! You’ll also receive 24/7 technical support, and if you already have an established site, Hosting Matters will move it to their servers for you, saving you the time and effort involved in completely reuploading everything. Check out their unmetered plans special for more details!

P.S. Don’t forget there’s just under two hours for the “See Jane Work” gift card giveaway – it ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

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button out like a lion…

Another week…another great giveaway! Today I’m joined by my good friend Stacy who has just launched a new store on Etsy – Fiber Arts by Boondock Studios.

boondock studios fiber arts

One of my favorite props ever is “The Ultimate Grassy Blanket“. Newborns wiggle and squish into it and seem to absolutely love the texture. You can see it in use here at one of my recent sessions.


Here’s a closer view so you can see the detail and how “real” it photographs.

grass blanket

And I’m even able to use it as a prop with my toddler sessions as well.

grass bucket

Stacy knits a full line of baby hats and diaper covers, too – including these cute lion and lamb sets.

lion lamb

UPDATE: Paperie readers can enter the coupon code PAPERIEROCKS when checking out to get 20% off.

And now one lucky Paperie reader will have the chance to win a lion set (hat and diaper cover) in their choice of sizes – newborn, 0-6 months, or 6-12 months.

lion set

How do you win? It’s very easy!

1. Post the following to Twitter or Facebook:
I want March to go out like a lion with a cute hat / diaper cover set from BoondockStudios.etsy.com and @paperieboutique http://is.gd/Vcgpxg

2. Let us know here what your favorite thing in the Fiber Arts store is

Each entry requires its own separate comment. (In simple terms: If you want TWO chances to win, you have to do both things listed above, and then make two separate comments here telling us how you did them.)

Comment(s) must be posted here by 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, March 31st. You can enter up to two times total. Post that you have met both requirements in separate comments to have multiple chances to win!

You can enter / post twice – one entry each for the options listed above. (PLEASE NOTE: Comments are held for moderation and may not appear immediately. Please be patient! They will show up eventually.)

You have two chances to win, but only one chance PER OPTION – please do not post the same link multiple times. Duplicate links will be removed. Each entry requires its own separate comment to have multiple chances to win!

Comments on this entry will be numbered in order of posting. The winning number will be chosen by Random.org, and the winner will be contacted within 24-72 hours of contest’s end to claim their prize.

Good luck!

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I just received a couple of cute demo-products for an upcoming article of mine that I wanted to share with the class.

artsy couture blocks

These are “floating gallery blocks” designed by Artsy Couture with my images. I first introduced you to Artsy Couture with my 2011 Imaging USA wrap-up post. If you have a client looking for that special unique “something”, this is definitely it!

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Time to announce winners of our recent contests! First up is the winner in the Color Inc. press-printed book giveaway…and it’s…Lynette Weber Photography.

color inc winner 1

And the five winners in the Color Inc. calendar giveaway are…Pavei Photos, Jessie Lucas, Beckie Woodfield, Stremel Photography, and Nicole Long Photography.

color inc winner 2-7

And the winner of the $100 Design Aglow gift certificate is…Life’s Captures.

design aglow winner

I’ll be in touch with you all shortly to claim your prizes!

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And don’t forget the special “Fit to Print” sale going on now through March 31st!

Fit to Print Buy the Store Mini Sale

P.S. If you are interested in advertising with Paperie Boutique, please contact todd @ this domain. If you are a photographer and are interested in having your packaging featured – or are a vendor and are interested in having your business packaging, marketing ideas, or photography-related products featured – please contact robyn @ this domain to be added to the posting schedule.

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button simply. baby.

Today’s guest post is by Lisa of Simply Baby Photography in Hawaii. It’s a post I’ve been begging her to make for quite a long time – it’s “simply” one of the best expo-booth examples I have ever seen. The fact she even matched her skirt to her booth is just the icing on top!

simply baby

Twice each year, in spring and fall, my city holds a baby expo. The spring expo focuses on products and services for new babies and families, while the fall expo is geared toward older children and families, with an emphasis on holiday gift giving.

For my first expo, held in May, I chose to promote the baby side of my business- Simply Baby Photography. I selected a slightly less costly center booth so I would have 3 sides for image display. Booths run several hundred dollars for the two day expo, so I set an expo budget of $1500. My idea was to design a chic nursery space and display large images that could be seen from a distance. I began planning for the May booth in January, when expo registration begins.

simply baby booth


gallery wall

click each of the images shown above for a larger version
attached photos courtesy of Thereasa Gwinn Photography

I built the walls of the both using 78″ high bifold closet doors found at a salvage and overstock warehouse for only $5/pair. (I bought 7 pairs- 3 for the back and 2 each for the sides) and hinged together using screw plates.)

Most of my furnishings were Craigslist finds. I scored a white mini crib for $20 and sewed my own bedding, including sheets, dust ruffle, and crib quilt. I re-upholstered the chair in the foreground to match the reverse of the quilt. I stored additional samples, sales material, and miscellaneous items under the crib.

The two damask chairs in back I found for $20 each, originally upholstered in a hideous yellow and green plaid. After refinishing and reupholstering (I spent $100 on supplies!) I got the shabby chic look I wanted. These chairs served as a great consultation area for potential clients to view books, announcements, and other product samples.

The table in front is another Craigslist find, refinished and gilded for use as a display table to hold business cards, samples and contest entry forms. Just behind it on the left is a console, purchased at Ross and refinished, with more product samples on top and additional promotional materials stored in the drawer.

More than a few people thought I was selling furniture! I wanted my booth to be eye-catching, and it did receive a lot of attention.

I had my Simply Baby booth sign custom made from plexiglass and vinyl decals and mounted in a curve, standing out from the back of the booth. The expo only provides a paper sign tacked to the curtains (the color of which, unfortunately, I had no control over), and I wanted my business name to be prominent.

I selected the images I thought best displayed my work in a clean, simple fashion, highlighting babies at the ages I most enjoy photographing – newborn and 7-9 months. My color palette of blues, aquas, and pinks complemented my vibrant apple green logo.

By watching for sales, I was able to order half off canvases for my display. The four shown are a 24×30 center canvas flanked by 20×24 canvases, with a 20×30 canvas on the right wall. I hung these using 3M Command self-adhesive hooks.

To the left, I created a gallery wall of 6 images ranging in size from 8×10 to 16×20. To save costs, I had all but the one 16×20 printed at Costco and mounted them myself. They were attached to the wall with self-stick velcro.

I wanted to put a rug or other floor covering down to cover the ugly cracked concrete, but couldn’t find an inexpensive, portable solution. A friend of mine recently “tiled” his booth floor very creatively, using con-tac paper cut into squares and adhered directly to the floor. Wish I’d thought of that!

Looking back, my front table was a bit cluttered, and there wasn’t much room for visitors to fill out their contest entry forms (I gave away a session and print). The seating area was used, so I’m glad I had that. Having a few large images on display drew a lot of attention.

Overall, the booth was a lot of work, requiring nearly four hours to set up the night before and two hours to break down, plus the two 9-5 days doing a meet and greet. I directly booked five sessions from the expo, and talked to dozens of parents. There were at least 5 other photographers with booths (coordinators make sure similar vendors aren’t nearby), though it was largely friendly and my booth received several compliments from my colleagues.

While the expo is billed as attracting a large number of upscale attendees, I found that those who stopped by my booth were largely price conscious and actually had a few Bugaboo-pushing parents literally gasp at my price list. The clients who did book were wonderful to work with and spent well.

Before the expo I laid out a list of goals to target. While many photographers book at the expo itself, that wasn’t a primary goal of mine – I did offer an Expo Special, but extended it for a few days after the expo and did get a few bookings in the 48h following the expo. I wanted to converse with a minimum number of visitors, get 200 names for my mailing list, and make a splash in the community to get the attention of both attendees and other photographers, presenting Simply Baby Photography as an upscale boutique studio.

I feel that I was successful in meeting all my goals, and the summer after my booth I grossed just over double my spring averages.

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Don’t forget that Paperie Boutique has an amazing stationery set giveaway and a contest to win a free logo right now – enter both while you still can!

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button (don’t) paint it black

It. Just. Got. Interesting! If you’ve been thinking of entering your packaging photos in our best business packaging / holiday packaging contest, now’s the time to start “doing“.

In addition to a $20 Paper Source gift certificate as a prize – now HB Photo Packaging has also kicked in an additional $100 gift certificate to their store!

Paper Source gift card

HB Photo Packaging gift card

Have no idea where to get started? Check this old Paperie entry for inspiration!

holiday packaging 2008

Get wrapping and send photos to Robyn [robyn AT paperieboutique DOT com]! Submissions last thru Tuesday, November 30th.

[ And a tip from Robyn: If you have a Michael’s near you, go raid their $1 bin. You’ll find dozens of holiday-themed goodies to stick, hot glue, or tie on your packaging – some in multi-packs making the cost of a little “spice” less than a gumball! ]

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I’ve known Justyna Nielsen of Funky Monkey Photography for years now and I’m so excited to have her here for a guest post on Paperie!

Funky Monkey logo

Creating whimsical easels

If black isn’t a part of your branding, why use black easels? Spice things up with your favorite colors or even use special effect such as distressing or crackling. Match up colors to your branding or room décor.

easel 3

Creative uses:
I used one as a menu holder for my leather-bound price list I keep in my studio. A few other ones hold colorful frames with product descriptions. I also used a few for gifts for my clients when they purchased storyboards. Here are some other creative uses:

1. Price list. Place a price list or brochures in one of these easels for a beautiful display in your studio or at an auction, expo or event. For best results, your price list can be in form of a fabric/leather bound menu or mounted on a sturdy backing. Choosing the correct easel size is important so items don’t fall out or cause the easel to tip over if too big.

2. Collages. Provide your clients the whole package. If you offer styrene or board mounted collages, offer easels for “display ready” option to your clients. Perfect for mantels, desks, shelves, tables. You can look into wholesale easel purchasing and make sure you add the cost to the item price. This is called “value adding” in pricing.

3. Smaller frames fit in easels too. Place a cute 5×7” birth announcement (or a photo) in a matching color frame and display it on an easel. We recommend using a different shade or a complimentary color for the easel. Can make a special product or a gift.

4. Album or press book display. Instead of laying your albums on a table, create a more visible display by placing albums in easels. Especially impressive if your albums open up flat and have seamless spreads. Open it to your favorite panoramic image and place in the easel. Your clients can create different displays each month by opening to a different page.

5. Holder for product shots. Colorful holder for product shots to make an appealing price list.

6. Sign holder. If you participate in any expos or auctions, you can have your logo printed and mounted on a styrene or foam board and then placed in a matching color easel. Ideal for the expo tables. Place any other display items that may fit in them to create more interest.

7. Holiday card display. Choose this standard easel or one of the photo/note holder trees, paint in your chosen color and attach holiday cards.

8. Props. Have a lot of paint left? Sand a kid chair or another wooden prop and use the spray paints to give them a new look. Spray paint an ordinary garden tub or a planting pot to transform it into a new prop. Spray paint cans or small buckets for pen holders.

9. Uniform frames. If you’re like me, you have a collection of empty mismatched frames. Pick 6-7 of your favorite and spray paint them the same color. Perhaps a distressed or crackled antique white for the shabby chic look. You can use 2 colors such as hot pink and black to split amount frames. Hang them up empty on your wall for a creative wall decoration if you feel you can’t fill them with photographs right now. You can also cut corkboard to fit a frame for a creative reminder board or frame a chalkboard for a funky message board.

easel 1

You will need:
– Metal easel any color
– Spray cans of primer (optional)
– Paint spray cans in desired color
– Cardboard and gloves recommended to keep your area and hands clean

The paint in spray cans is pretty fast drying but you will need multiple coats for best coverage.

easel 2

1. Prepare a metal easel. Easels can be purchased online or in most craft stores (mine are from Michael’s Craft Store). Wipe clean and dry. Place in a well-ventilated space on a cardboard or newspaper. The spray paints will have a big reach so avoid spillage by protecting the area. I sprayed mine outside but I had to watch out for wind blowing any leaves my way.

2. For best coverage, spray the easel with a primer. This step is optional. I made most of mine without the primer.

3. Find your favorite color in spray paint from a local hardware store. I found mine at Home Depot, Menard’s and Ace Hardware. I picked these colors because they fit my logo colors (orange, lime green and purple). The rest were fun shades I found for chairs and other props.

4. Shake the can vigorously before each use. Spray from about 1 foot away in thin coats. Let dry in between multiple coats. For best coverage, avoid getting too close or going over in the same spot multiple times without letting it dry. Once the paint gets pretty thin and starts running, remember to shake the can again. I tend to start with the bottom so I flip the easel upside down. Spray. Wait. Flip on the other side, repeat the process. Inspect from all sides when dry. If you mess up, wait until it dries, sand with fine sand paper and re-paint a larger area.

– Use one color (such as turquoise) for under coat and a different
  one (such as green) for the final coat. Wipe off the outer coat
  in a few spots with a dry bristle brush to reveal the under coat.
– Use sand paper to rough up the edges for a distressed look.
– Try a crackle or other special effect paints.

Justyna Nielsen is the owner and photographer of Funky Monkey Photography with a tale. She specializes in baby and children photography in Madison, Wisconsin.

[ Note from Robyn: Easels can also be purchased inexpensively onllne from Display Collections and Easel Moments. ]

Thanks so much for stopping by Justyna! I think I have some painting to do now…

Happy, merry!

P.S. If you are interested in advertising with Paperie Boutique, please contact todd @ this domain. If you are a photographer and are interested in having your packaging featured – or are a vendor and are interested in having your business packaging, marketing ideas, or photography-related products featured – please contact robyn @ this domain to be added to the posting schedule.

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button mesmerized.

Jen Gentry of Mesmerizing Moments Photography recently shared how she set up a booth for a community event.

Now we’re lucky enough to have her back for another guest post, which proves without a doubt that like Mary Poppins she is practically perfect in every way.

I am a member of PT4P, and Michelle made us these great wall gallery layouts, so I made mine into a handout that I give to every client!

I print most of my marketing material through Miller’s – a little trick for all of you, is when you are ordering in quantities of 25, always add 1 more (ex.26) and it will push your pricing into the next category, and make it cheaper!

My gift cards, they are 4×5 cards – double sided, and I put them in the envelope shown, and then into a really pretty envelope from Paper-Source and top them off with ribbon (not shown)

My baby’s first year handout – it’s a 5×5 tri-fold

My pricing guide including all my boutique items, printed on a 5×5 tri-fold

My date reminder card – printed on folded business cards – I just circle the date and fill in a time, my clients tell me it’s perfect for their fridge!

I really love Miller’s, their turn around time & quality is top of the line, I couldn’t ask for more! To keep everything a little nicer I print it all on their pearl paper, which is to die for!

My brown envelopes from Paper-Source, and all my clients’ forms & handouts go inside

I put all my client forms and handouts into a large brown shimmer envelope from Paper-Source with a logo sticker on the front.

My photo packaging boxes

I get my photo boxes from DNL – I love them, great quality, a variety of sizes, and they match my colors perfectly. I use the 11×14 brown box, and the 8×10 green box, and just decorate them all a little differently with ribbon (from Michaels & Paper-Source), logo stickers (from WHCC), and bands (from Envelopper Inc.) For my prints, inside the boxes, and everything larger than 11×14, I use clear bags from clearbags.com and just make them pretty with a variety of ribbon.

My photo packaging bag, with a common gift for my clients – the accordion wallet album from Millers

I put all my orders in a large chocolate tote that I also get from DNL, and I finish them off with prettyness, including my bag tags from Jessica.

My office –

mesmerizing office
The view from in front of the garage door – into my office and the front door to my house

We bought a townhouse about a year and a half ago, and it works perfectly for my office! The entry level only has a half bath, our entryway, the garage, a closet, and my office, then all our living space is on the second and third floor, so my clients come right inside my door, but never into my home, and I love it!

mesmerizing office
View from the office entryway – most of those gallery wraps from the back wall are now at a local OB/GYN office

I have clients come in for an optional consult (a lot of clients do this over the phone or via email though) and a mandatory in person ordering session. This really helps clients see what they are getting, get a better feel for it, see their photos on a large calibrated monitor, get my help and opinion, and helps sales too! Once they see it, they want it!

mesmerizing office
View from the window

mesmerizing office
View from my chair – my custom framing area

mesmerizing office
View from the back corner

Well – thanks so much for inviting me over Robyn – Hope that helps some of you readers!

Thank you so much for the inspiration, Jen! Once again, don’t forget to stop by her website and blog and tell her how amazing it is she put all of this together for everyone to see and learn from!

If you’re interested in having your own business packaging, marketing ideas, or photography-related products featured please contact me (my e-mail is in the sidebar and is robyn @ this domain – or you can leave a comment).

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New week – new guest post! Today Jen Gentry of Mesmerizing Moments Photography shares how she set up a booth for a recent community event.

So grab a pen and paper to take notes. Ready? Set? Go! Take it away, Jen…

Mesmerizing Moments

I think booths at local events are the best marketing you can ask for. They typically run about $100 for the entry fee, and then you can just bring whatever samples you already have, maybe order a few more, order a few hundred business cards, then borrow some tables and a tent! That’s it! One new client from it will pay for everything you put into it, but YOU WILL get more than one!

Mesmerizing Moments

Mesmerizing Moments

To make my booth a little snazzy, I just create a few different unique ways to display business cards, and decorate the whole thing with colors that match my logo and marketing.

Mesmerizing Moments

Mesmerizing Moments

I set up my booth in way that catches people’s eyes (with large prints & canvases)—then to make them stay I put out lots of little photos, and candy with my business cards attached, and products. The longer you can get them to stay looking through your stuff, the longer you will have to sell yourself!

Mesmerizing Moments

This booth was a big success, because I was approached by a local pediatrician office, and asked if I would like to do a big display in their office…ummm, “yes please!” These events are great ways to show your work, and get known in the area, for very little cost. I still get people from events long ago saying that is how they found out about me. And once somebody has met you in person, I think they tend to remember you more, so when need of a photographer comes up, they will spread the word for you!

Mesmerizing Moments

Mesmerizing Moments

Word of mouth has truly been my most successful marketing, and has kept my calendar full! You can just check your town’s website, and be on the lookout for fliers at local stores. Hope all that helps! Thanks so much for the guest spot.

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us, Jen! Don’t forget to stop by her website and blog and tell her you appreciate her time!

If you’re interested in having your own business packaging, marketing ideas, or photography-related products featured please contact me (my e-mail is in the sidebar and is robyn @ this domain – or you can leave a comment).

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