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button pop quiz – prize package #5

HEADS UP:  Paperie’s Birthday is a crazy time of year and our inboxes 
overfloweth. Please follow us on Facebook for frequent announcements!

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Because this is a “game of skill“, our Canadian readers can play along as well! (Canadian winners may be responsible for any additional shipping and / or surcharges.) First one to post the correct answer in the comments here wins!

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COMMENTS CLOSED on this entry—winner chosen!

Don’t forget we have other giveaways going on right now!

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Loktah Alabaster CD DVD photofolio

The first person to answer the pop quiz correctly takes the following Loktah “prize pack” worth $40.00

    1. two (2) Loktah Alabaster single CD/DVD cases
    2. one (1) Loktah Alabaster 5×7 photofolio

All three are made with Loktah Creamy White Paper and decorated with Turquoise Stones! Loktah specialises in high end packaging and fine art albums made from natural resources and green materials found around the world.

Whichever U.S. or Canadian reader gets the following right takes all of the loot in this great Loktah Alabaster “prize pack”!

Easy, no? Then ready? Set. GO!

Answer this correctly in the comment box at the bottom of this page:

Todd proposed to Robyn at a National Monument in Washington D.C. Which one?

You may have to dig around Google a bit, but the answer should be easy to find! Pinky swear!

Good luck!
Robyn & Todd

Thanks to Loktah for this prize pack! Please follow Loktah on Facebook and Loktah on Twitter! And heads-up: We’ll have one more instant-giveaway on Paperie’s Facebook page later tonight!

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Paperie Boutique fourth birthday

Happy 4th birthday to Paperie Boutique!
Visit PaperieBirthday.com for all events!

Welcome to Paperie Boutique’s FOURTH BIRTHDAY Celebration Round II – sponsored by HB Photo Packaging, Kelly Moore Bag, Animoto, Click Magazine, Sassy Designs Inc., Artsy Couture, Prairie Sweet Boutique, Black River Imaging, Clickin Moms, Simply Color / Simply Canvas, Kraft and Jute, Modern Album Designs, Full Color Lab, CPQ Professional Photo Lab, Photographer Cafe, Nations Photo Lab, Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions and Textures, Hardwood Frames, and Birdesign. We had so many gifts donated from our vendors to our readers this year that we unexpectedly had to split the event into two partsRound II will run until all prizes have been awarded!

Our U.S. readers can win thousands of dollars in prizes and merchandise directly from our incredible sponsors and vendors! Our family of merchants also provided several discount codes and promotions for our audience. All of these giveaways and special offers will be posted multiple times each day during the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. EDT – so you’ll want to check back, and check back often! Thanks for four great years and Happy Birthday Paperie!

We’ll also do flash giveaways on our Facebook page – “Like” us there!

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Paperie Boutique fourth birthday

A birthday party so nice – we’re having it twice! Who’s ready to start winning stuff again!?! Watch this space because new giveaways are now underway and we’ll also announce more prize winners from the first seventeen giveaways!

One more pop-quiz on Facebook later tonight!
Robyn & Todd

P.S. If you’re a vendor who would like to sponsor the event, donate a prize,
        and / or provide a discount code for our readers please contact Todd:
        todd AT paperieboutique DOT com – we’d love to have you join us!

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P.S. Don’t forget to visit PaperieBirthday.com and see what you missed!

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button it’s a nice day for a white wedding

It’s been a great week at Paperie and I’m very excited to wrap things up on a high note with one of my favorite things — the packaging features. Not only is Gail Werner Photography‘s work and presentation absolutely stunning, there’s a double-bonus because I learned about a couple of new vendors myself! So grab a Coke and a smile, kick your feet up because it’s almost the weekend, and enjoy today’s guest post!

(P.S. Don’t forget there’s a contest going on — there’s just over 12 hours left to win a slot in the “503 Photography Workshops for Kids & Teens“!)

Gail Werner Photography

Like everyone else here on this site, I’m a big believer in the power of a positive brand experience. But it wasn’t until I felt comfortable with the brand I’d developed for myself late last year that I began to want to invest in marketing materials that reflected it.

When I started researching online to find resources on where to go for those materials, ooh boy, was I confused! Then a photographer I follow, Heather Garland, blogged about being featured here on Paperie Boutique and I couldn’t believe how awesome both Heather’s marketing products were – but also what a resource there was to be found here on this site!

Gail Werner Photography

First I wanted to make sure that when my clients opened their package from me they had a second, more beautiful package waiting for them inside.

I ordered these boxes from The Container Store, with each ranging in cost from $4-$10, depending on size. They are heavy and glossy white.

The ribbon is from from Hobby Lobby. The stickers are from Zazzle.

[Note from Robyn: Paperie has a free template for Zazzle stickers available for download here.]

Gail Werner Photography

One of my latest inspirations for my business is sharing my clients’ stories in a new and unique way that reflects my past as a journalist, so with each order, I’m including a copy of their story with their digital files / prints, etc. Here is the story of Michele and Eric. (Theirs is the story you can see pictured here in a frame — also bought at Hobby Lobby.) These frames are $4 each, and perfect for this little personalized touch to their package (I wrap everything up in black tissue paper before it goes in one of my Container Store boxes).

Gail Werner Photography

My thank you cards feature a quote I found online about giving thanks. Simple and, in a way, a reflection of me, because I am a quote NUT. My copyright releases were printed up on 5×7 cards from WHCC. My letterpress business cards were made by a letterpress / design company called The Mandate Press. At Mandate, if you are making black and white letterpress cards only, it’s $95 for 250 cards. They are gorgeous! My DVD cases come from DNL Photo and my DVDs (which I love because they have such a great polished look to them that’s so professional) were printed by Discmakers. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Discmakers‘ customer service. Every time I emailed them with a question, I had a response within hours. SUPER company to work with!

Gail Werner Photography

My Post-It notes are from 123Print and I LOVE them. Who doesn’t want personalized Post-Its for their business, right?

[Note from Robyn: Paperie has a free template for Post-It notes from VistaPrint available for download here.]

Gail Werner Photography

I made my initial client packets using folders and envelopes from Paper Presentation. On the outside of the white folders, I adhered a custom-designed branded sticker, printed by WHCC. This was more cost-effective for me than getting something custom made but still a nice personalized touch! The black mailing envelopes have my branded mailing sticker on them as well. These stickers were also printed by WHCC and custom designed by me. Inside each of the presentation packets, I include my pricing information, sheets with tip information (varies for portrait or wedding client) and a copy of the contract / model release. I wanted to keep these packets as print-outs for now as I’m at a point in my business where my prices will continue to change in the months to come and I didn’t want to invest in printed pricing booklets for that reason.

I hope you all were able to take away a few ideas for your own marketing from this post. Once I finally decided on what I needed and what companies I’d order from, it was a pretty quick process (a few hours) to get all the items you see here ordered and taken care of. So if I can do this, I promise you anyone can!

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful packaging and resources Gail! Everything looks amazing! You can also catch Gail at her blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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503 Photography Workshops Giveaway

You have until 11:59 p.m. EDT tonight Friday, April 30th to win a spot in the 503 Photography Workshops for kids and teens! Check out Wednesday’s post for more details!

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ATTENTION VENDORS: We tuck business cards, coupon inserts, and promo pieces inside of our prize packages. If you are interested in having yours included, please contact me (my e-mail is in the sidebar and is robyn @ this domain – or you can leave a comment). Also contact me if you are interested in having your business packaging, marketing ideas, or photography-related products featured on Paperie Boutique.

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS: Show us your packaging! If the features here have helped you pull together your own look, please share with the class and pay it forward. Contact Robyn (e-mail link in the sidebar / robyn @ this domain) to be added to the posting schedule.

If you are interested in advertising with Paperie Boutique, please contact todd @ this domain.

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