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Two posts in one day…I think it’s time to play the lottery, girls and boys!

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Loktah Professional Photographer Magazine Web Exclusives

I just realized (almost a month later!) that my “Web Exclusives” column about Loktah’s LifeStyle Bags had gone live. Read more here.

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And before I head back to Photoshop, a bit of product envy from Kelli France:

Organic Bloom mini frames
Photo by pure7studios.com (via Facebook), product by The Organic Bloom.

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

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button blush and bashful

I am not ashamed to say that I begged and pleaded to do the following feature. I’ve been wanting to highlight boudoir photography packaging for quite awhile, and when I saw Stacey’s presentation for Goldapple Photography and Denton Boudoir Photography, I was simply blown away. I think you will be, too!

denton boudoir

When my boudoir clients book, they receive (either in the mail or in person) a large presentation envelope from Paper Source that has their contracts, info form, and price sheets (all printed from my home on white cardstock). I always include a couple business cards (printed square at ProDPI on pearl paper), and an appointment card (printed as a folded business card on pear paper at WHCC) with their session date on it.

denton boudoir

Generally I include a sample invitation or card (depending on the client’s plan for the final images). I have brides use their images to create bachelorette party invitations, lingerie shower invitations, or bridal shower invitations. Here is one I created recently.

denton boudoir

I am a member of PT4P, and I used the wall design catalog to create my accordion wall design guide (inspired by Jen of Mesmerizing Moments Photography!).

denton boudoir

Some girls aren’t too keen on purchasing large prints for themselves, but I always explain that prints are great for bathrooms (because that is where a woman generally feels the most vulnerable!) and for “man” rooms. My husband has a “man room” that has his guitars, drums, cigars and pipes stuff, books, etc., and that would be a great place for boudoir photos of me (if I ever found the time to do them!).

I also own Goldapple Photography, my portrait business, so I always throw some business cards for it into my booking envelope and offer $50 off their portrait session fee if they book a separate portrait session at the same time as their boudoir session.

denton boudoir

My packaging for final prints is from Paper Source. I love their boxes, and they are the only place I can find solid pink boxes! But I also use DNL for black boxes for anything bigger than 8×10. I get shredded pink paper for filler in the boxes from Target, and ribbon from wherever I can find it! Mostly Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, but sometimes I’ll find something online. I don’t use one particular ribbon, but I always use pink and black.

denton boudoir

I use clear bags from clearbags.com to protect prints, and my small round stickers of my logo are printed at zazzle.com. I also have stickers printed from Moo, but I don’t have pictures of them yet!

denton boudoir

With my delivery of their order, I include a petal envelope in black from Paper Source with a 5×5 referral card (printed at WHCC on standard paper) and their 8 die-cut wallets (printed wherever I print their pictures at – usually ProDPI or Miller’s) tied with a ribbon. When I took these photos, I didn’t have any wallets printed so I just used a mini envelope from Paper Source. But I do have a photo of my Goldapple Photography referral card!

denton boudoir

I got this idea from Robyn’s referral cards, and I love it!

denton boudoir

So that is my Denton Boudoir Photography packaging! Thank you Robyn, for allowing me to share with your readers!

Lotsa Love,

denton boudoir

Stacey’s Client Booking Envelope:
★ Envelope – Paper Source
★ Wall Design Guide – Miller’s accordion 10 panel & linen finish
★ Sample Folded Card (specific to type of session) – ProDPI, Moo, WHCC
★ Business Cards – square & pearl finish/ProDPI, regular & linen finish/WHCC
★ Gift card promotion for friends – 5×7 flat card & linen finish/WHCC, pearl finish business cards/WHCC
★ Full Price List – printed at home on cardstock
★ Album Price List – 5×5 trifold & linen finish/Miller’s
★ Client info form – printed at home
★ Client model release – printed at home
★ Client contract & receipt form – printed at home
★ Round sticker to seal – Zazzle

Stacey’s Client Packaging Contents:
★ 4×6 & 5×7 boxes – Paper Source
★ 8×10 and larger boxes – DNL Photo Packaging
★ Photo bags – Clearbags
★ Canvas packaging – Paper Source
★ Round Stickers – Zazzle
★ Rounded Square Stickers – Moo
★ Ribbon – Hobby Lobby
★ Champagne & Chocolate bags – Clearbags
★ Petal Envelopes – Paper Source
★ Referral Insert Cards – 5×5 flat cards WHCC
★ Wallet Referral Cards – Depends on where I am placing the client’s print order, I order them through that printer
★ Small business card envelopes – Paper Source

Drop by and see Stacey’s work at Denton Boudoir Photography and Goldapple Photography—and thank her for sharing her amazing marketing and presentation “guest post” with the class!

If you’re interested in having your own business packaging, marketing ideas, or photography-related products featured please contact me (my e-mail is in the sidebar and is robyn @ this domain – or you can leave a comment).

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