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We’re baaaaack! Did you miss us? We recently shared that it’s been a pretty dark spring around our house and April has been equally unkind with illness and ER trips. Thanks to everyone for your patience and for continually checking in!

We’re happy to report that not only are we posting again, but we also have a great vendor / guest post and giveaway by Poppy Tree Frames. And read ’til the end for a cool (FREE!) Pinterest app for Facebook!

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Poppy Tree Frames sells custom, handmade picture frames. They offer 18 frame styles in 42 colors and 49 prints. And now the good people at Poppy Tree Frames are partnering with Paperie Boutique to offer our readers a $30 Poppy Tree Frames gift card!

Poppy Tree Frames
Poppy Tree Frames
Poppy Tree Frames
Poppy Tree Frames

To enter and win the $30 gift card all you have to do is go to the comments here and tell us your favorite frame style.

You can get an extra BONUS entry by following Poppy Tree Frames on Facebook – and then commenting here to tell us you’ve done so.

You can have one more BONUS entry by sharing this post on Paperie’s Facebook page with your Facebook readers. (This must be on a public Facebook page so we can verify it’s there – if we have to register to see your Facebook page, it is not public, and the entry will be voided.) Don’t forget to come back here and post the link to your shared post. That’s all there is to it!

Comment(s) must be posted here by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 1st. You can enter up to THREE times total. Post that you have met the individual requirements in three separate comments here to have multiple chances to win!

You can enter / post up to three times total – one entry each for each option listed above. (PLEASE NOTE: Comments are held for moderation and may not appear immediately. Please be patient! They will show up eventually.)

You have THREE chances to win, but only one chance PER OPTION – please do not post the same link multiple times. Duplicate links will be removed. Each entry requires its own separate comment to have multiple chances to win! See official rules for more details.

Comments on this entry will be numbered in order of posting. The winning number will be chosen by, and the winner will be contacted within 48-72 hours of the winner-announcement to claim their prize.

Be sure to check out the Poppy Tree Frames website here and their Facebook page here! And thanks to Poppy Tree Frames for giving our readers such an amazing giveaway!

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In case you haven’t heard, Woobox has an awesome FREE Pinterest app for your Facebook pages. It will show your Pinterest boards and pins as a tab on your Facebook page.

1. You can require users to like your Facebook page before
     viewing your Pinterest tab.
2. Show all of your boards and pins styled just like they are on
3. Users can view your boards and pins directly on your
     Facebook page or click to visit Pinterest to repin, like,
     comment, and follow your pins.
4. Show all your boards or just the pins from a specific board.
5. You get complete stats for page views, visits, and likes,
     segmented by fans and non-fans who view your tab.

Sephora Facebook Pinterest

You can see this in action on Sephora’s Pinterest tab. Visit Woobox to download the “Pinterest Tab for Facebook Pages” for free!

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Don’t forget the Chic Critique Forum contest runs through April 30th — more details here. You can win a 3-month membership from Paperie!

Tune in next week — more goodies are on the way!
Have a great weekend –
Robyn & Todd

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The digital edition of the April 2012 Professional Photographer Magazine is now online for digital subscribers.

Professional Photographer Magazine April 2012 cover

In this issue I reviewed props and backdrops by WHCC, Denny Manufacturing Company, Inc., Bad Sass Backdrops, Inc., Custom Photo Props, Photo Pie, drop it MODERN, Design Revolution, PhotoArt StreetScapes, Barbour Backdrops and Props, and Backgrounds by Maheu.

Professional Photographer Magazine April 2012 props and backdrops
Professional Photographer Magazine April 2012 props and backdrops
Professional Photographer Magazine April 2012 props and backdrops

Click the magazine pages above to read a larger .pdf version of the article. You can also find the article on page 60, page 62, and page 64 of the print-version when it hits mailboxes. Plus you can download the digital edition now if you’re a PPA member or digital subscriber.

Don’t get Professional Photographer Magazine? Subscribe here!

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Have you heard about the Chic Critique Forum yet?

The Chic Critique Forum is focused on providing candid critique for photographers. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned photographer, Chic Critique Forum is the place to be when you are ready to step it up. Our forum members are strongly encouraged to offer at least one suggestion to every image they choose to comment on. Also, members can sign up for our exclusive “4-Week Critiques” with any of our Celebrity Photographers. Join a creative community of aspiring and inspiring photographers who share honest critique.

Right now Chic Critique Forum is having an April affiliate contest to see which websites can get the most new members to join. So you know there’s a little summin’-summin’ in it for me. But what’s in it for YOU?

Well funny you should ask because all new members during the month of April will receive a free digital copy of CHIC Magazine! And look what’s on page 62:

chic critique magazine packaging
CHIC Magazine

As further incentive to join, Paperie will pay for the entire 3 months of a 3-month subscription ($28 total value) for one lucky reader! All you have to do is join Chic Critique Forum and then post a comment here saying you’ve done so and are now a member. The affiliate contest ends on April 30th – so on Tuesday, May 1st we will use to select the winner from the comments here, and then we will refund the cost of one 3-month membership ($28) to the winner. So what do you have to lose? You get a free digital copy of CHIC Magazine – and have a chance to get the first 3 months of your membership free as well! It’s win-win!

(Please read Paperie’s contest and giveaway rules – and note that Paperie Boutique hosted events are open to U.S. residents age 18 and over only.)

Good luck to everyone who enters!

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More goodies coming soon! And don’t forget our extended advertiser sale going on through April 15th!

-Robyn & Todd

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We’re excited to have a new vendor / guest post from one of our favorite advertisers at Paperie – The Wedding Photographic Society.

Wedding Photographic Society

Welcome to The Wedding Photographic Society (WPS)

Welcome to The Wedding Photographic Society (WPS)! We’re a network of professional wedding & portrait photographers who come together to collaborate on photographic ideas, thoughts, and information in an attempt to elevate the artistic, technical, and business standards of the wedding photographic community. Membership in the WPS offers many professional & personal growth opportunities via bi-monthly educational meetings, networking, critiques, and general camaraderie during such gatherings. WPS meetings, forums, blog submissions, & web pages are open to any and all professional wedding photographers throughout the world.

The WPS’s origins date back to 2005, when Raleigh, NC wedding photographer Christobal Perez organized quarterly photography meetings in an effort to help build relationships, share knowledge amongst peers, and help create a competitive, yet supportive photographic community. The spirit of Christobal’s movement has grown exponentially since that time and has since evolved into the WPS (which became official in 2009) with the further support of other local photographers, Martha Manning, Stacy Borelli, & Brian Mullins. Leaders & members of the WPS donate their time to organize topic discussions with guest speakers, collaborate on ideas and offer guidance, all without compensation.

To join the WPS, you need to meet the following minimum criteria:

– Actively pursuing business as a professional wedding and/or portrait photographer (or aspiring to be a professional wedding and/or portrait photographer).

– A professional photography website showing your current work.

– Willingness to share your knowledge with others (we don’t ask for state secrets but a general willingness to be open and help others when possible).

There are two levels of membership in the WPS; aspiring and professional.

An aspiring member is someone who is not yet a professional photographer but looking to gain knowledge in photography, learn about proper business practice and grow as a photographer. Typically these are newer photographers in the field of weddings & portraits. Membership grants permissions to attend the monthly meetings and have limited access to the forums. This insures an open environment to ask questions in without fear of hostility.

A professional member has all the rights of the aspiring member, but has full access to the forums. A professional member will be actively pursuing business and working in the field of professional wedding or portrait photography.

The review process
Each application is personally reviewed by a WPS board member to determine which classification the applicant will be granted. Any photographer granted “aspiring” status can petition, at any time, for “full” or “professional” standing at which time their application will be reviewed again.

To officially become a member of the WPS please first read the FAQ then register here.

So as you enter into the WPS, you will undoubtedly see and hear about local meetings with some really cool topics and opportunities to network with other photographers in your area. These meetings are the true essence of the WPS and we HIGHLY encourage your attendance. If you don’t have local meetings in your area, then contact us at to aid in assisting in starting a group local to you.

The WPS forums are our home away from home. As we started our organization based on face to face meetings, we quickly realized we needed a place to compile information such as emergency shooter lists, buying and selling gear, meeting announcements, etc. You can use them to get help with a sticky situation, help resolving a client issue, to vent or just to network. In the WPS, you definitely get out of it what you put into it so contribute whenever possible.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the WPS and we look forward to your future contributions to the society.

Stacy Borelli
WPS Executive Board Member

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PAPERIE BOUTIQUE spring banner ad sale

Last but not least, in honor of “springing forward”, all new Paperie advertisers will receive a huge discount off the published rates. By request / popular demand, we’ve extended our “spring forward” ad sale through April 15th. What the tax man giveth, you can taketh to boost your site traffic and SEO with Paperie Boutique!

2012 is already off to a great start – on the heels of our 2011 Wrap Battle in December, we logged 453,452 unique page views in January and 8.34 million hits as the winners were announced!

Anybody wanting to advertise really should. I love browsing your ads to find new vendors and resources.” –Kim,

I’ve received triple the amount of traffic from your site than any other site I’m advertising on! I’m so pleased with choosing to advertise with you!” -Kathy,

In addition to the deep-discounts off our normal ad rates, we are also going to feature each new vendor (that signs up between today and Sunday, April 15th) in a blog entry for better Google indexing through text links!

Sound good? Here’s all you need to do to sign up. Just select your ad-purchase in the pull-down menu ↓ below ↓ , send your payment via PayPal, and voilà!

PayPal Expired - Order Here Instead
Miss the sale? Go here to advertise with us!

Once payment has been made, write todd AT paperieboutique DOT com and include a copy of your receipt and attach an image for the ad-size purchased.

If you are interested in being a sponsor + advertiser, please e-mail todd AT paperieboutique DOT com for the additional discounted rate. And if you are a current vendor who would like to renew, please contact Todd for that as well – we are currently offering 15% off renewals!

We look forward to having you join the Paperie family!

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Photographers for Baby Safety

I’d like to share a group I recently “faved” on Facebook – the Professional Photographers for Baby Safety:

“We (as a concerned creative collective) have started watermarking/stamping composite images with a ‘seal’ of sorts as a ‘best practice’.

This seal lets everyone know that the image is two different photos edited together to create magic.

Both photographers and parents alike will see it and instantly know when an image is a composite without reading (nobody reads the fine print anyway). And will be educated that these are composites and photographers who offer/attempt the poses without compositing are working outside the generally accepted safety norms.”

For more information, and to join the cause, please visit their Facebook page!

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We have a winner in our ribbon iron / ribbon cutter contest – it’s Dana at!

ribbon cutter iron contest

Congrats to Dana and thanks to everyone who entered! Stay tuned this week for more fun!

Robyn & Todd

P.S. Check out just-completed Panache Collective packaging sets on Facebook!
Paperie Boutique photographer gift package

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