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First up before the big giveaway (yes I said “big giveaway” so read ’til the end), I have a FREE download. To celebrate surviving the year being half-over I recently made mini-calendars for my clients. I had them printed as folded bookmarks from ProDPI, and they look fantastic if I do say so myself.

mini calendar inside

mini calendar inside

You’ll have to come up with the front and back design (I used a business card front/back for mine), but I’ve attached a download for the inside-spread that includes the calendar. I have included the crop-guide layer. You’ll have to add your logo if desired and the month names, calendar dates, and month box background colors are not customizable (unless you delete the layers and add your own in their places) – but the background color and bar-stripe are easily changed with the click of the mouse.

inside calendar example

color change
The white background color can be changed with one click as shown in the Photoshop background color fill layer in the Layers Palette. The text for the month names, the date text, and the box backgrounds for each month cannot be changed. However, the top stripe CAN be changed and your logo can be added using the included lab crop-guide for ProDPI.

download link ← (please note this file was designed in CS2 and you must have Photoshop or Elements and know how to edit a .psd layered file — I do not provide technical support for this download)

div line

And now as promised…the big giveaway by Heather Green of The Drop Shoppe! Heather has stopped by for today’s guest post

The Drop Shoppe

The Drop Shoppe (thedropshoppe.com) sells thick, matte, high quality vinyl backdrops in large sizes that are affordable for photographers. You can use these with studio lighting or natural light. Each image is created in Photoshop or Illustrator to be the absolute sharpest possible when it’s printed in large format. Currently we sell two sizes; 5 feet by 8 feet and 10 feet by 8 feet. The 5’x8′ drops are $90.00 and the 10’x8′ drops are $150.00 All prices include free shipping to the continental United States. If you are out of the country you do have to pay shipping, but we work hard to find you the fastest and most affordable shipping solution. Each backdrop has an extra 1/2″ white border around the outside, which is perfect for you to clamp to your backdrop stand. This way you’re not clamping directly onto the backdrop image.

drop clamp - The Drop Shoppe

Here we have a simple set up of hooks screwed into the wall, a metal pole and three large clamps holding the backdrop.

The Drop Shoppe

There’s a variety of ways to hang these backdrops. You can just clamp them to your horizontal pole on your backdrop stand (with large clamps you can purchase at a hardware store), or you can hang hooks on your wall with a pole and clamp to that. We used the hooks/wall method in our small office since we couldn’t fit my larger backdrop stand in there. A quick Google search will also turn up quite a few do it yourself backdrop stands that you’re able to make at home for very little cash.

We have all sorts of patterns and styles for you to choose from. There’s plenty of grunge, messy paint, realistic background photos, wallpaper, doors, floors and much more. The possibilities for these backdrops are endless. Use them in your studio, use one for the popular ‘photo booth’ set ups at weddings, even hang them outside for big parties or family get togethers. The backdrops arrive in a shipping tube, which we ask you to keep so that you can store your backdrop in it when not in use. The best ways to store these are either rolled up, hanging or laying flat. If you should wrinkle them, usually laying them flat in a hot room or outside in the shade will remove the wrinkles. These also wipe clean with mild soap and water. No worries about that baby or toddler making a mess, just wipe it up!

I’ve also included a size chart for the 5’x8′ drops, showing the size of an adult woman and the size of our backdrops – a good way to show how big these drops really are:

The Drop Shoppe model example

Here’s an example of our backdrops in use! The following photo was taken by Holly McCaig with our Aged Red Doors backdrop.

Holly McCaig - Aged Red Doors

Another backdrop photo by Chrissy Avila.

Chrissy Avila backdrop

The backdrop I want to give away here on Paperie Boutique today is our Aged Copper Wall, sized 5’x8′. It’s one of my favorites and works well when shooting just about any subject…from kids to women to men.

Aged Copper Wall backdrop

Here’s a few sample photos taken with that Aged Copper Wall backdrop – first by Chrissy Avila Photography:

Chrissy Avila Photography

And one by me using more of a cross processed/vintage technique:

The Drop Shoppe - Aged Copper Wall

Winner will receive one Aged Copper Wall size 5 feet by 8 feet backdrop with additional 1/2″ white border around it. Backdrops do not come with any kind of rods, clamps or pockets to hang them – you must supply your own way to hang it up. Backdrop will be shipped to the winner 3-7 days after the contest ends.

There are three different ways to enter between now and 11:59 p.m. on Friday, July 9th – each entry requires its own separate comment:

1. ‘like’ The Drop Shoppe on Facebook, come back and post here that you did so

2. post on Twitter (then leave the link here):
I entered to win an Aged Copper Wall backdrop at paperieboutique.com by @shutterblog from The Drop Shoppe/ thedropshoppe.com/store

3. leave a comment here on the blog about what your favorite backdrop is from the shop (thedropshoppe.com/store)

UPDATE The winner has now been posted here – check it out!

And last but not least…everyone gets $5 off their purchase from The Drop Shoppe by using the code paperie at checkout!

Huge thanks to Heather and The Drop Shoppe for such a fantastic prize giveaway! Head to Facebook and tell them thanks ‘in person’!

div line

And to wrap things up for today, I’ve been posting photos of my new office setup over at Flickr as things progress (including info on how to create the wrap station yourself, and the Photojojo poster). Here are a couple of teasers for now.

new wrapping station

keep calm snap on

Stay tuned this week. More fun ahead!

P.S. If you are interested in advertising with Paperie Boutique, please contact todd @ this domain. If you are a photographer and are interested in having your packaging featured – or are a vendor and are interested in having your business packaging, marketing ideas, or photography-related products featured – please contact robyn @ this domain to be added to the posting schedule.

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    Would the guide you provided for the calendar work for printing at WHCC?
    I have been trying to make my own but this would be what I needed.
    Thank you so much.

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    I like the dropshoppe on facebook. The drops are fantastic. So creative and unique.

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    I’m a Fan on Facebook and have been since day 1!

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    Tabitha  on July 9th, 2010

    There are several backdrops that are my favorite … the doors, the aged copper and rusty tears … to just name a few!

    Thanks Heather & Robyn for the giveaway! My fingers are crossed!!

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    The contest is over – winner posted shortly!

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    robyn  on July 10th, 2010

    And the big winner of the Aged Copper Wall backdrop is…lucky #13…Fotos by Fujl!

    [ The Drop Shoppe winner ]

    Congrats to Fotos by Fujl, thanks to everyone who entered, and HUGE THANKS to The Drop Shoppe for this fantastic giveaway!

    Don’t forget you have until Sunday night to win a camera strap from Priddy Creations – and check back every day next week. You’ll be sorry if you don’t!

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